Fitness entrepreneurs!

Well it’s been four days since FEB – the Fitness Entrepreneur Bootcamp in Nottingham last weekend and the PT industry is still buzzing!

Jon le Tocq and Paul Mort did a great job with the event, giving absolutely everyone there at least one thing to get seriously excited about. Speakers included respected personal trainer business guru Alwyn Cosgrove and international celebrity branding expert Nick Nanton, both of whom had made their way from the States through volcanic ash to get to the event. Coach Nick GranthamBryan Kavanagh, confidence coach Martin Perry“the Fit Geek” Tim Goodwin and social media “rockstar” Lucy Johnson were also on the fantastic lineup.

Little wonder the hotel lobby and bar area were electric! Delegates and speakers alike couldn’t stop talking about what they were going to do to boost their business the minute they got home!

I was there as the fitness industry’s copywriter. Delegates were urged to take immediate positive action launching new products and publicising them via press releases and I’m here to help!

Were you at FEB? What have you done this week? I’ve set up a new Twitter account (@thefitwriter), and a new website Personal Trainer Newsletters which details my newsletter services for fitness professionals.

I can’t wait for FEB 2011 and hope to see you there!


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  1. […] networked relentlessly. I put myself out there at fitness industry events (Paul Mort’s FEB was pivotal for me). I took training courses with industry bodies and with independent copywriting […]


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