Top-end wetsuit testing

I quite often get asked by magazines to test sports kit sent to them for their review pages.

Testing wetsuits

Today I had to test a wetsuit and goggles – nothing unusual about that, apart from the fact that they were the most expensive wetsuit and goggles I’ve ever touched, let alone tested!

I had Blueseventy’s new carbon fibre goggles, the Carbon Race, and 2XU’s top-end wetsuit, the Project X. Mike Trees of 2XU kindly let me use his Berkshire wetsuit testing facility (I fully intended to go to the lake, but my drive back from Aviemore yesterday was a lot longer than anticipated and I was a zombie this morning).

I can’t reveal the results of the test – that would be somewhat unfair on the magazine which will be publishing the review on their kit pages in a few months’ time – but can reveal that I had a great time as these photos show! The wetsuit testing facility is a lovely little pool and I had a lot of fun bouncing around against the current which felt a bit like swimming in a choppy sea (my favourite).

Project X's catch panels

As an added bonus, I got to meet Mike and Rieko’s teeny tiny little 5-week old baby daughter, who was as good as gold despite my journalistic gate-crashing! So when do we see her in the water, Mike? 😉

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