Open-water coaching for triathletes

Weekend, what weekend? 😉 Today I’ve been at the fabulous setting of Dorney rowing lake to coach at The Human Race’s open-water swim seminar, sponsored by my friends at I biked there and back (about 40 miles) and now I’m enjoying a sit-down whilst I blog 🙂

Open-water coaching at Dorney lake

What a great day! About 80 new and novice triathletes, many of whom had never set so much as a toe in open water before, came along to get some experience of open-water swimming before their race days. They all attended an informative talk by the legendary Bill Black before meeting myself, Duncan Scott and former elite runner and triathlete Andrea Whitcombe at the water’s edge for some coaching.

Andrea Whitcombe and Nicola Joyce

Retired now, Andrea was ranked 6th in the world in the 2008 season. Duncan kindly introduced me to the triathletes as “Nicola, who’s crossed the English Channel twice” but somehow I think our coachees should have been more impressed by Andrea’s pedigree!

After warming our coachees up with some joint mobilisation and movements to raise the core temperature…

Open-water triathlon coaching

Open-water land based

…we took to the water, coaching on acclimatisation, sighting, turning, drafting and mass starts before a final mini race simulation (complete with run into T1).

It’s great to be back with for another season of open-water coaching. It’s truly rewarding to coach people in my first love of open-water swimming. I always think it’s a real privilege to be the person who accompanies anyone on their very first foray into open-water.

I’ll be back coaching at Dorney for an even longer day tomorrow: let’s hope it’s as sunny as it was today…because the sun certainly took the edge off the 12*C water temperatures!

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