Where can you find my byline this month?

My name’s not The Fit Writer of course. That’s just something I use when I’m promoting the copywriting services I offer to fit pros.

My name’s Nicola Joyce and, as well as being a freelance copywriter, I’m also a freelance journalist. Not the “standing outside court reporting on scandalous cases” type, nor the “being sent to Iraq* to report on global atrocities” type. (*thank goodness) No, I write features for consumer magazines, the type you’ll find in WHSmiths, supermarkets, and service stations. I specialise in writing for sport and fitness magazines, or for titles in other sectors about fitness, health and well-being.

Here’s where you’ll find my byline this month:

I thought this commission was an April Fool at first. For one thing, the commissioning Editor rang me (this rarely happens) and, for another thing, it was completely out of the blue (this really rarely happens). Anyway, they asked me to write a bit of box-out copy to accompany a feature they’d already commissioned, and of course I was completely delighted to do so. I mean, come on, Good Housekeeping? It’s an institution! I think I turned this around in under 48 hours (including getting expert comment).

My family are very excited. Finally, I’ve got a piece in a magazine they actually read! (Nothing against the other titles I write for but, well, let’s just say my Dad’s not a Men’s Health kind of a guy, and my Mum’s not keen on the idea of doing a triathlon any time soon….) Oh – yes – the reason I realised it wasn’t an April Fool was the commissioning Ed rang me on March 31st. A day later and it might have ended quite differently!

Good Housekeeping box-out copy

What a lovely mag Coast is. A while back, I made a list of “magazines I’d love to write for”, and Coast was on it (of the others, one is no more – Observer Sport Monthly *sob* – and I’m still working on the rest πŸ˜‰ ). I first wrote for them a couple of years ago when they kindly asked me to review a swimming holiday for them, island-hopping between the Scillies (the ‘hopping’ being swimming!) What a fab commission that was. Since then I’ve covered a few other hands-on things for them which involve getting cold, wet, exhausted or all three. I love it really and I think they know that. Here’s me spending a few days with the RNLI beach lifeguards, learning just how tough it is to qualify to do the job. (Swimming) hats off to those strapping lads and lasses. I’m actually not sure I would have qualified if it had been a real test!

I’ve written for Sportsister before (and have something in the pipeline for them at the moment) but was really proud when they approached me to ask me to write their “Getting Started” guide for open-water swimming. I’m a bit of an open-water specialist but, still, I’m always chuffed to be recognised as such. Sportsister is a great magazine – available online too – giving really useful information for women across a range of sports.

Getting started guide for open-water swimmers

I write regularly for Triathlete’s World (sister publication of the hugely popular and successful Runner’s World). You’ll find me in their current issue, holding forth on the topic of swimming goggles. Don’t laugh! If you swim, it’s a really important thing to think about! (My favourite goggles, since you ask, are Zoggs Predators. I won’t swim the English Channel without them.)

Here’s the opening page:

Goggles group-test

Always dear to my heart, 220 Triathlon were the first to take a chance on me when I jumped feet-first into the world of freelancing back in 2004. If they’ve ever regretted it, they’re too polite to say so. I’ve written regularly for them ever since, mostly doing one-off and group kit tests. Sure enough, this month I’m there reviewing the most expensive triathlon wetsuit in the world!

Wetsuit review

I write regularly for Women’s Running, which has a loyal following. Here’s my feature about fitness bootcamps and whether or not they can specifically boost your running fitness.

Body Fit is a new launch and, if you haven’t checked it out yet, I urge you to. It’s an all-round sport and fitness magazine for women and takes a good look at nutrition, training and performance. Good stuff. I contributed the article below to the launch.


Not my byline, but I contributed to the feature as an “open-water swimming specialist” (that’s what Men’s Fitness called me!) Here I am with some handy hints on getting that pesky triathlon wetsuit on and off

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