Celebrating Summer with the Observer and Mercedes-Benz

I’ve been writing for a long time now, but there are two things I’ve never had the pleasure of being involved in: a book, and national newspaper. I can now announce something I’m really proud about – and it’s a commission which (kind of!) ticks both those boxes.

A while ago I was contacted out of the blue by a commissioning Editor who was working on a book produced by the Observer and done as a tie-in with Mercedes-Benz. She asked me to contribute two chapters to the sport section of the book.

Hm, let me think about this for 0.01 secondsA book…the Observer…Mercedes-Benzhelloyoustillthereyesplease!

The book is being given away as part of a Celebrating Summer promotion from Mercedes-Benz in association with the Observer. I haven’t seen it yet but I have it on good authority that it’s absolutely gorgeous, with some great photography, high production values (and decent writing 😉 ). Of course, I’m delighted to be involved with a project of this calibre.

From the website:
“To celebrate everyone’s favourite time of year the Observer, in association with Mercedes-Benz, is giving away an exclusive book entitled Summer, a 52-page collection of sun-soaked memories and tributes to this scintillating season written by some of the best-known Observer writers and contributors.”

I can’t wait to see it (even if the portrait photo for my first-person piece involved me standing in a lake, in swimwear, in mid-April). To read more about it – and get hold of a copy for yourself – check this link. The promotion runs between 5-7 June, so check back then if it’s not live yet.

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