Press releases for fit pros

Remember this client? A personal trainer approached me wanting to promote a charity fitness event. She wanted local press coverage but didn’t know how to go about it. I explained how press releases work and she commissioned me to write the release, approach the charity for comment, research a target media list and circulate the release.

She was delighted enough when, less than 2 hours after I hit “send” on the press release, her mobile rang. It was a local paper wanting to send a photographer and journalist round to interview her.

A couple of weeks later and she’s seeing real results: her story (and name, and business name!) is in the local paper of two different towns, on the websites of those two papers and – most significantly for her – on the front cover of a key local “paid-for” paper.

And press releases help with SEO, too. Because her press release has been run as a story on the newspapers’ websites, they show up in Google. Now, when you search for her particular type of exercise class along with her location, she’s right there on page one of Google search results.

This was her initial feedback:

I want to HIGHLY recommend Nicola Joyce. Nicola wrote me a press release for my business and within 2 hours of it being sent out, my local paper phoned me to arrange to take my photo for next week’s edition! They also said it was very well written, saying they usually have to completely rewrite but not this one! Thank you so much Nicola.

And yesterday she contacted me to say:

Just a quick update. I made it to the front cover of the local paper – not the free one either – the shop-bought one! Thank you Nicola.

I offer a complete end-to-end press-release package, including:

– interviewing you for a fact-find
– writing the press release in an official format
– gathering extra comment (ie from the charity you’re fundraising for)
– researching a list of 10-15 key target newspapers, radio and TV stations
– sending the release out (once you’re happy with it)
– compiling a spreadsheet of target publications (including phone and email contacts) for you to follow up

Get in touch if you want media coverage for your event, product, service or news

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