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Morning all!

My review of the Great London Swim is now live on Sportsister – click through and have a read if you’re interested. I blogged about it here at the time. Despite the early start (which was my choice!), I thoroughly enjoyed the event and would encourage you to consider one of the Great Swim series next year. You even get free flip-flops! 😉

On the online theme, I thought I’d have a bit of a Google-fest (what? you never Google your own name? Come on…) and link through to some more of my articles which have found their way online. I was surprised at what I found – I thought most of these were just destined for the magazine in question. (That’s signing “all rights” for you!)

BMI Voyager inflight magazine
Swimming round Jersey

Easyjet inflight magazine
Cartoon Culture

Good Housekeeping
Choose your ideal exercise

220 Triathlon
Rhythmic Running
Tips from Maarten van der Weijden
Women’s open-water swimming tips

Triathlete’s World
Mind Your Manners
Drill Bits (swimming kit essentials)
How to look after your bike

Women’s Fitness
Watercrew classes

Practical Parenting magazine
Swimming with your baby

Women’s World (annual publication of the W.I.)
Take The Plunge

Sportsister magazine
Getting started: open-water swimming
Sporty siblings
Windsor Triathlon

4 Responses to Sport and fitness journalism online

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  2. Just Jj says:

    “all rights” is a bugbear of mine, too, Nic. Just love the way when you negotiate, they negotiate down from that point. In the old days [dusts typewriter] YOU would negotiate UP from first british serial rights. Grrrr.


  3. thefitwriter says:

    I’ve never negotiated *blush*


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