My next challenge: 8 weeks of accountability

“What’s your next challenge?” asked my Auntie Rose as we sat in the pub after the Folkestone half marathon yesterday. Nothing much, I told her. The triathlon season’s all but over and I haven’t entered any other races.

That’s true, but I was fibbing when I said I didn’t have a challenge up my sleeve. I always have a challenge up my sleeve. It’s finding sleeves which fit over my arms which is the initial challenge.

Hence I’ve enlisted the help of inspirational personal trainer Kat Millar who is going to guide, inform and cajole me through an 8-week programme of nutrition and training with the aim of discovering just how fit and strong I can be. Starting….today!

I tend to “head inside” once the triathlon season’s over, taking my focus from outdoor, cardio-based training to the weights-room. Yep, I love weights! Most of this 8-weeks of training is going to be done remotely (Kat’s in London) but I’m not the sort of person who needs telling twice to go and train, so that suits me fine. All I need is a bit of guidance, some new ideas, and some accountability.

I’m not sure what the outcome will be. I haven’t set any particular goals (although I’d love to be able to do 10 chin ups, and it would be good to be able to fit my arms into a few more sleeves).

I’ll let you know what kind of training I’m doing and how I’m tightening up on my nutrition. I won’t be posting any stats or numbers. If there’s anything in particular you’d like to know as we go along, please tell me in the comments section and I’ll answer (or defer to Kat if suitable). Perhaps I’ll even get Kat to do a guest post?

8 weeks of focus, here we come!

PS Have a look at Kat’s blog. In her own training, she tends to focus on body building. However much (or little) you know about competitive body building, it’s hard to deny that these guys (and ladies) have immense and admirable focus. By the way, to dispel the “bulky” myth, I met Kat recently and there’s very little to her (but what there is is almost all muscle). When I hugged her goodbye my arms nearly fit twice around her ribcage!

PPS If you’re in London (St Paul’s) tomorrow evening, you can go to a free nutrition and weight-loss seminar led by Kat. Lookie. If I was in London, I’d be going!

My next challenge: 8 weeks of accountability is a post from The Fit Writer blog

7 Responses to My next challenge: 8 weeks of accountability

  1. marathonmum says:

    That’s amazing! How many chin-ups can you do now?


    • thefitwriter says:

      Hey hey!

      Erm…4 on a very good day (the palms-towards you ones, not a hope of doing even one the other way round!) I could do 10 when I was much much younger and I’ve love to be able to again! How are you feeling after Pilates?


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