Gym challenge: overcoming obstacles

So, I’m now well into the second third week (this post has been sitting in “drafts”!) of this 8-week gym-based challenge. I’m still loving both the training and the “clean eats”, and I’m already seeing some great results both in my shape and my strength. Wahoo! I even did five chin-ups yesterday (I have a chin-up bar on the door-frame of my office 😉 )

I’ve tried my best to stick to trainer Kat’s suggestions for food and training but – whilst I’m fortunate in being able to cook for myself and spend time preparing fresh meals – I’m no saint. I thought it might be useful to round up the situations I’ve been in over the past few of weeks which have posed a challenge to my challenge. After all, I’m a real person with a (relatively) normal life.

Overcoming challenges

One was self-imposed, really, but I didn’t realise until afterwards. I cycled off to my weekly voluntary work shift, meaning to stick a snack or two in my jersey pocket. But – as usual – I was running late, so I forgot. No problem, I thought. There’s a tuck shop there, or I could just wait til I get home. Yeah, but tuck shops aren’t renowned for having protein-rich goodies, and this one’s no different. The way Kat’s got me eating is little(r) and much more often than before: essentially breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, and then a l’il something. So I ended up going without one or two of my meals, and cycling to and from my appointment. By the time I got home, I was famished, and it threw the rest of the day off-kilter. Note to self: Prepare Protein and Pack…er…Properly?

Then I spent the day with family (my nephew is now 8 weeks old, and he’s fine, thanks for asking 😉 ). My Dad, bless him (hi Dad!) said he’d treat us all to curry for lunch. No can do, Daddy-o! Well, I could, but it seems a shame to not stick to a plan for just 8 weeks. But it’s OK, all I did was tell Dad I’d bring my own packed lunch and then we could all sit together in his office, them with their curry and me with my lunch. No big deal. (As it turns out, quinoa salad with turkey breast is remarkably easy to eat whilst balancing a baby in one arm).

Giving blood is a great thing to do, but what of the ever-present tupperware of Clubs and Penguins? Oh, and Bourbons – my favourites (my sister and I used to go through a whole packet together, dipping them in glasses of milk whilst watching Neighbours after school). Even giving my 26th pint of blood (ever, not that day) didn’t deter me from the Path of Protein. I just had a cup of tea, a couple of glasses of squash and then went home for a massive dinner.

I do quite a bit of networking, pimping my copywriting services to local businesses, which is something I really enjoy. But hotel and golf-club food is not renowned for being light and healthy! It was therefore a bit rubbish to get up at 6am for a networking breakfast, only to be presented with bacon rolls. And nothing else. To be perfectly honest, I don’t ever want a bacon roll at 7am. Especially not at the moment. So I went without, got home as quickly as I could, and cracked on with the first of my 5 or 6 meals of the day. It would have been better to pop something in my bag to eat in the car, but never mind.

I’m getting the hang of being prepared. All it takes is a bit of time and forethought, and a willingness to say “thanks, but no thanks, I’ll bring my own”. Happily, I can still indulge in one of my favourite past-times – baking – with a view to proteinising (if that’s not a word, it should be) muffins, loaves and other portable snacks.

Back soon with an update on training. I keep trying to take piccies in the weightsroom but everyone keeps looking at me like I’m weird…? 😉


5 Responses to Gym challenge: overcoming obstacles

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  3. Kat Millar says:

    You’re doing brilliantly Nic, keep up the great work. You have excellent mental toughness! And look forward to some recipes! I love baking and portable snacks too 🙂


    • thefitwriter says:

      Thanks! Will send over recipes after your show – seems cruel to send them whilst you’re in prep! As for mental toughness – it would be a struggle to get across the Channel without it 😉 Chat soon!


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