10,000 swing kettlebell challenge

Do you kettlebell? Want to join me on a little challenge? It will keep us occupied on these cold, icy days and nights leading up to Crimbo.

The 10,000 swing kettlebell challenge isn’t my idea. I can’t remember who came up with or, nor where I first read about it. If anyone knows, please let me know in the comments so I can give credit where it’s due!

10,000 kettlebell swings before Christmas Day

Anyway, it’s really quite simple (if you have access to a kettlebell). You simply need to complete 10,000 swings within a set timescale – normally 30 days and, in this case, before Christmas Day. Unless you want to be swinging a kettlebell with Bucks Fizz in your other hand. I don’t. I want to keep my other hand free for a devil on horseback.

So, who’s in? I started my 10k swing challenge a few days ago but no matter, you can catch up I’m sure. I have kettlebells at home (thanks Mum and husband!) but you could just as easily use them at your gym if they have them there. Just make sure you know how to use them. I was taught by the very lovely and wonderful Charlotte Ord of Phoenix Pro Fitness in Godalming, but there are good kettlebell-trained trainers in most towns.

I’ll be tweeting about this challenge with the hashtag #10kswings, and I’ll update here from time to time. Do let me know if you’re going to join in by leaving a comment, and then let me know on Twitter using the hashtag.

Here’s where I’m up to:

Nov 24th: 300 swings
Nov 25th: 300 swings, 450 swings
Nov 26th:
Nov 27th: 750 swings
Total so far: 1800 of 10,000

You can do ’em two-handed, one handed or combine the two. You can do what I tend to do, which is 100 swings, and then a “something”, 100 swings, then a different “something”, and so on. (My somethings tend to be plyo exercises – like squat jumps, bodyweight exercises – like chin-ups or press ups, or stuff with the kettlebell – like rows or weighted lunges or whatever.) Get creative, or just do the swings: as you like!

Kettlebells rock. I hope you join me on this challenge. One of the selling points for me is that it’s a fantastic way to get some cardio in without leaving the house. I mean, come on, have you tried going for a run or a bike ride over the past few days?


10 Responses to 10,000 swing kettlebell challenge

  1. viv clayton says:

    I’m joining you. Starting today!


  2. vendelle says:

    I didn’t even know anything like this existed. Will have to look into it. 🙂


  3. I am Kuma says:

    Silly dog. Kettlebells aren’t for dogs =^.^=


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  6. Shambler says:

    HA! As I’ve only just got some kettlebells I’m starting really late so I’m just going to see how many I can do by Christmas Day…….

    So far today = 150…..


    • thefitwriter says:

      Go for it! You can always extend it into New Year (I’ll be taking my bells with me anyway so you can use them) – it’s normally a 30-day window I think (although I still can’t recall where I first read about the 10K challenge) x


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