10,000 kettlebell challenge: progress

Afternoon, kettlebellers! How’s your 10,000 KB swings challenge going?

A quick, image-free post from me just to keep up-to-date with the 10,000 kettlebell swings by Christmas challenge.

I’d already done 1,800 swings when I posted last. Since then, I’ve done:

Nov 30th: 50 swings at the gym as part of my warm-up, 600 swings at home in a separate session.
Dec 1st: 50 swings at the gym, 300 swings at home later.
Dec 2nd: 600 swings at home: I did this as 6×100 swings, and did stuff between each 100, namely some sort of jump, some sort of kick, some sort of lunge, some sort of squat, some sort of balance and then finally some core. (Apologies to PT Kat Millar for the “JKLST” type of workout on which this was based).
Dec 3rd: 100 swings as gym warmup. As an aside, I think I must be about the only person in the gym who uses the KBs. I was getting some funny looks (and I know my form’s good).
Dec 5th: 600 swings at home in a heart-pumping session which went a little something like this:
50 swings, then kicks
50 swings, then lunges
50 swings, then squats
50 swings, then balance
100 swings, then kicks
100 swings, then lunges
100 swings, then squats
100 swings, then balance
Phew! This all took me about 40 minutes, and was done at home with the heating on…so I could definitely tell I’d worked! 😉

Total to date: 4,100

How is your 10,000 swings challenge going? Think you’ll be done way before Christmas, or will you be doing one-handed swings whilst basting the turkey*?

*The Fit Writer can not condone and does not advise mixing exercise equipment with kitchen utensils, sharp knives or hot ovens.


5 Responses to 10,000 kettlebell challenge: progress

  1. Rob Harris says:

    Hi Nicola, the 10,000 swing challenge caught my eye.
    we do a 10,000lb. Snatch challenge. You have 30 minutes to snatch 10k,
    Ladies is 10k lbs. and men is 20k lbs. I have few ladies in the 10k club and 4 men in the 20k club.
    I reward them with a small kettle bell pendant, very much sought after challenge.
    I will offer up the 10k swing challenge in the new year, good idea.
    Comrade Robert RKC.


  2. Jodes says:

    You, woman, are a MACHINE!
    I’d love to be as fit as you, may have to look into kettlebells next year 🙂


    • thefitwriter says:

      Thanks Jodie 🙂 KBs are great, especially if you can get one or two for home, but please please get someone who knows about them to show you good form and keep an eye on you as you learn – they’re great if done properly but (like a lot of things), worse than nothing if done poorly! 🙂


  3. […] how am I getting on? When I left off, I was at 4,100. Since then I’ve […]


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