10,000 kettlebell challenge: nearly there!

(This pic obviously has nothing to do with me, I just liked it)

Getting there with the 10,000 swing kettlebell challenge! I do love kettlebells and like the fact that setting challenges like this one reminds me how great they are.

With so much else to choose from (gym, classes, cardio outside), I can go weeks without picking up my ‘bells. I shouldn’t neglect them! They are ideal for Winter (I am of the view that – as a channel swimmer – I’ve spent enough of my life being unbearably cold. So nowadays I refuse to be any colder than I have to, and that extends to running or cycling outside when it’s sub-zero). They deliver a fantastic full-body/cardio/resistance workout within a very short space of time. And then can be done in a small space.

So, how am I getting on? When I left off, I was at 4,100. Since then I’ve done:

6th Dec: 50 swings at the gym as part of my warm up
7th Dec: 350 swings at home (done as sets of 50s with upper body exercises between) then 500 swings at home at the other end of the day (done as 50s and 75s, with lower body stuff between)
8th Dec: 50 at gym as part of warm up
9th Dec: 50 at gym as part of warm up
12th Dec: 100 at gym, 300 at home

So that brings me to 5500 with 11 days to go. I’m aiming for 800 today as my cardio session. How about you?

Are you joining me on this challenge? Please let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you. My ladies Jo and Viv, how are you getting on?

PS Sorry for lack of pics but there’s a limit to how exciting I can make pictures of kettlebells!


5 Responses to 10,000 kettlebell challenge: nearly there!

  1. Shambler says:

    Hey Nic! You’re going well with the challenge – keep it up! As I think I said before, I’m not actually aiming for a specific number just aiming to swing every day. Today I’ve done 200 and I may get a few more in later, we’ll see…..


  2. Shambler says:

    OK, so I didn’t manage any mkore yesterday but I’ve already done 200 this morning (and the Kettleworx core workout – 20 mins) so happy I’m with that. I’ve split it up into 50 both hands, 25 each single hand, with 30x 5lb kb punches on each side. I will start adding other bits and pieces in to keep it varied. I’m determined to fit some more in later……

    Thanks for the motication, Nic! I spend so much time motivating others that sometimes I find it hard to motivate myself….. x


    • thefitwriter says:

      Ooh well done, I like mixing the swings up with other stuff too – makes it more interesting (and easier to keep count) 😀

      Go go Jo! *motivates* I think we’ll both be motivating each other over New Year 🙂



  3. […] know I have my priorities straight. So, we left off with me having done 5,500 swings of my 10,000 kettlebell swing challenge. The deadline is Christmas […]


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