Kettlebell challenge: will I make it?

Gosh, there’s a lot to do before Christmas isn’t there? Finishing up at work, shopping, planning, present-wrapping and kettlebelling.

You know I have my priorities straight.

So, we left off with me having done 5,500 swings of my 10,000 kettlebell swing challenge. The deadline is Christmas Day.

Amusing as our guests may find it, I really don’t fancy this kind of scenario:

nor this

and especially not this.

(Note to self: this much kettlebelling can make a person look really tired, evidently…)

So I’ve been swinging my bells (sounds kind of festive?) every opportunity I get. Bearing in mind I’m currently lifting some pretty heavy weights in the gym, this has been a challenging goal. My muscles have sometimes tried to persuade me to give it up, but I’m nearly there:

14th December: 500 at home
15th December: 100 as part of my gym warm-up
16th December: 300 at home, 100 later on as my gym warm-up
17th December: 150 as part of my gym session
18th December: 150 as part of my gym session
19th December: 200 as part of my gym session, then 750 at home later (yes…a mild sense of panic setting in!)

Total=7750 (I think? Maths never my strong point)

So, 2250 with 5 days to go. Hm.

Are you kettlebelling with me? How are you getting on?

By the way – just a quick funny – blogging does make me laugh sometimes. Here are some of the search terms people have put into Google (other search engines are available) and then ended up at my blog. I genuinely can not fathom how some of these pointed to my blog. Hope they give you a giggle:

– speedo dads
– train routs from camberley to bournemouth
– good dog, bad husband
– black and white devils hand
– guy taking ice bath
– hairy torso
– images of giants with serpentine legs
– open girdle
– weather report 1971
– chafing groin swimming
– pictures of ice cream van at dorney lake
– is it common to be so hungrty three days after running a half marathon
– words with ow that fit with happens in water (…what?!)
– elderly people on a picnic

Kettlebell challenge: will I make it? is a post from The Fit Writer blog.

4 Responses to Kettlebell challenge: will I make it?

  1. Richard says:

    I think you need to give that kettlebell another 20-30 mins….


  2. […] already done 7750 swings last time I posted. Somehow, in amongst the Christmas drinks, meals out, shopping, food […]


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