Fitness DVD review: Ultimate Power Yoga

As I mentioned in a previous post, my friends and I kept some semblance of training going over New Year, despite all being together on the type of holiday which centres around a daily evening ritual of a huge dinner, cheese, port and…oh….it pains me to think about it. I believe the word is over-indulgence.

Anyway, we really did do our best to off-set some of our intake (or at the very least to sweat some of the hangover out) by exercising once or twice a day. Some mountain biked. Others walked. My friend Jo (a PT) and I, along with our friend Penny on a few occasions, chose to train indoors. In the following series of blog posts, I’ll review the bits of kit we used and the DVDs we tried out.

On Wednesday, Jo and I had a date with Rodney. That’s Rodney Yee, of the Ultimate Power Yoga DVD. Neither Jo nor I do yoga (the occasional Body Balance class is the closest we get) although we are both familiar with some of the more common yoga poses and terminology. We’re both fit but not particularly bendy. So it was with some trepidation that we popped Rodney’s DVD in: it’s 90 minutes long.

Here’s the blurb:

Build strength, relax the mind and boost energy with Rodney Yee’s Power Yoga DVD/

Improve strength, flexibility and focus with this challenging yoga practice. Designed to guide you to the next level, each routine is performed in rapid sequences providing greater cardiovascular benefits.

Rodney Yee’s Ultimate Power Yoga DVD consists of five unique sessions that can be undertaken individually or together as a full yoga programme. You can choose either detailed or minimal instructions from Rodney, making this DVD perfect for all yoga skill levels.

Use the Power Foundation practice to wake you up in the morning, increasing core stability for increased balance and stamina. Alternatively, the flowing sequence of Sun Salutations will help build both strength and flexibility.

Increase power and focus with Sculpting Standing Poses or strengthen and restore your spine to its natural alignment using a series of Broadening Back Bends, improving your range of motion and stamina.

The Ultimate Power Restoration enables you to release built up tension with a series of relaxed forward bends and slow, elongated stretches helping you get the most out of your yoga practice.

Whatever your skill level, get your yoga mat out today and work towards a stronger, more focused you with Rodney Yee’s Power Yoga DVD.

Jo and I decided to do the whole thing in one go rather than choose bits and bobs. It was quite a challenge, creeping up on us slowly until we realised that, actually, 90 minutes of yoga is really rather a lot. Jo opted out of the back bends track (in order to protect her sore back) but I battled onwards, taking one for the team.

The DVD opens with Rodney and his yoga mat chilling out against a stunning backdrop (Hawaii?) and, of course, Rodney is extraordinarily bendy. He’s also of indeterminable age (as Jo suggested “we’ll probably find out he’s actually 306”) and is a gentle, encouraging instructor throughout. Here’s what we thought:

– this isn’t a yoga DVD for complete beginners. Rodney’s instructions were clear and we only got lost once. However, it is quite a fast routine.Although neither of us are yogis, and Jo had never done a yoga DVD before, we have both done plenty of yoga in our time. So we were able to follow Rodney’s instructions without looking at the screen (always handy during yoga!)

– It’s long. You might think “oh 90 minutes, I can do that”, thinking that a chunk of the time will be lying down not doing very much. Don’t be fooled. Rodney is pretty badass and worked us hard. To be honest, by the back bends section, I was beginning to wish we’d only chosen to do a few tracks.

– the back bends section is very strong. My back is fine, but it was aching towards the end of this track, to the extent that I thought “uh oh….” My fears were unfounded, though – the next day I felt great and no soreness remained. You’ll need to know your own body pretty well, though, in order to assess how far to take the poses in this track.

– we wished Rodney had given us more options for some of the poses (perhaps a low option and an advanced option).

– make sure you have ample room to the left and right as well as in front and behind. We were doing this DVD in my bedroom and were a little squished for room at times. Make sure you have water and probably a towel – we worked up quite a sweat.

– be prepared for a bit of yoga-talk. One line that’s stuck in my mind is “your legs are rivers leading to the temple of your heart”. There’s a bit of meditation at the end but not much – most of this DVD is movement-based rather than yogic breathing or meditation, so it’s a good choice for anyone who likes their yoga to work them hard.

All in all, I think both Jo and I would recommend Rodney Yee’s Ultimate Power Yoga. It would be interesting to try it in sections, as a kind of “mix and match” format, rather than straight through as we did, because I realise that it’s not every day you have 90 minutes to devote to a yoga DVD.

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