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I love blogging. One of the bits I love the most is looking at the search terms people out there type into Google which lead them to these pages. Some of them are just bizarre (yes, I’m looking at you). However, weird or not, they do tell me something about what people are searching for. And sometimes, maybe, this blog is the right place for them to find the info they need.

So today I thought I’d have a look at my site stats, grab the top 10 search terms which have led people here, and address them. Here they are:

Liam Tancock

Ah, you all love yourself a bit of Liam, it seems. And who wouldn’t? Buff, a great swimmer, and a jolly nice chap to boot. Well, “Liam Tancock” Googlers, why not read my post here about the time I met (and swam with!) him. Oh and here’s a picture, cos I know that’s what a lot of you are really after (see point “five” below).

The Workout Mix

A ha! The Workout Mix is a double CD of workout tunes released last December. I was invited along to the press launch and had the chance to interview Matt Roberts, personal trainer and one of the experts behind the CD. As a matter of fact, the workout mix, the workout mix 2011 and workout mix 2011 are all up there in popular search terms. The PR company must be pleased! And I’ve just realised I’m now going to get a lot more hits for people searching for info about it… Read my review, all the links are there!

The Fit Writer

Well, that’s me innit. Hiya! 🙂 That’s not actually my name. That would be weird. It what I call this blog because I’m a freelance sport and fitness writer. And I go to the gym a lot. And I have a biro and a pad of paper in my kit bag. Enough reasons?


Wetsuits, wetsuits, wetsuits. I do spend a disproportionate amount of my time clad in finest neoprene. It could be because I’m testing wetsuits and reviewing them for triathlon magazines, or because I’m training/racing for my own enjoyment. Just be assured that, for several weeks every summer, my house smells of drying neoprene, and there’s usually at least one wetsuit hanging up in the shower.

Liam Tancock speedo

Perverts! (Scroll up to the top of this post.)

Gravity training system

There’s another happy PR out there! Yes, lots of people end up at my blog looking for information or reviews of the Gravity Training System, a bit of fitness kit I was invited to try out at the end of last year. Here’s my review. I thought it was great.

Fitness journalism

Perhaps a lot of people come here hoping I hold the key which will unlock the door to freelance journalism. I don’t, I’m afraid, but I am always happy to give my advice and my story to anyone over email, and I have done several times. Perhaps that’s an idea for a blog post, actually. In the meantime, I was interviewed by Essential Writers about freelancing in the sport and fitness niche. Here’s the interview.

2xu project x

These kit reviews are popular aren’t they? Sadly for anyone wanting info about 2XU’s pricey but fantabulous Project X triathlon wetsuit, I didn’t actually review it on this site as I’d been commissioned to review it for a magazine. I wrote about, er, writing about it. Not too helpful!

Wetsuit lads

Perverts! There are probably pictures of “lads” (?) in wetsuits on this site, but not a post dedicated to that fine topic. Apologies! Might I suggest you train for an (open-water) triathlon? Or volunteer to help at one? (At longer-distance triathlons, there’s even a helper role called “wetsuit stripper”. No kidding! Sounds like your kind of job.)

Fitness industry trends 2011

I have an image of several Sports Management students tapping away at their keyboards and ending up here. Sorry about that! I did, however, go to the FIA keynote at last year’s Leisure Industry Week, and blogged about what was said. That might be of some use? I do keep up with what’s what in the industry, and follow some useful people on Twitter. Feel free to rifle through my follow-list if you want.

The Fit Writer tells you what you want to know is a post from The Fit Writer blog.


2 Responses to The Fit Writer tells you what you want to know

  1. Kristen says:

    Someone once found my blog by googling “soy made my butt big.”

    No lie.


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