Have your pancake and eat it too

Today is “Pancake Day” here in the UK. Yes, I’m 16 weeks out from a figure bodybuilding show. No, I see no reason to avoid Pancake Day. Growing up, it was one of my favourite days of the year. My Dad threw some means shapes as he flung pancakes around the kitchen under his pseudonym “Roger the Tosser” (I can’t believe I just wrote that on the blog. Luckily, I don’t think he reads it!) Sista, remember Pancake Days when we were kids? Hang on, I have a picture of R-the-T in action….here it is!

I digress. You may think Bodybuilding contest prep+Pancake Day=big no no. I say think again! Contest prep just means a bit of lateral-thinking when it comes to pancake batter.

What’s in normal pancake batter? Eggs, milk, flour, oil, and butter, right? Come on, those things are all so easy to find healthy substitutes for. So easy, in fact, that I’d celebrated Pancake Day before 8am this morning.

OK, so I’m not the best food photographer, and an iPhone is not the best camera in the world. But you get the idea.

Into your trusty blender, pour about 4 eggwhites, 40g or so oats and about 75g light plain cottage cheese. Blend. Add a pinch of baking powder and blend again just for a second.

Heat spray oil (or, if you’re me, a bit of coconut oil) in a good pan. Pour some of the batter in and cook just like a normal person’s pancake. Flip and cook the other side.

Plate up and top with whatever you want. I’d suggest good ol’ lemon and sugar isn’t the best choice if you’re in contest prep. I went with sugar-free syrup (yes, it exists and it’s lovely) and strawberry slices.

It should be noted that the recipe amounts above made three further pancakes. The photo above was not my entire breakfast!

Four oaty pancakes like this fuelled me up for my training session today which was a “raw conditioning” (their words) session at the simply fabulous Locker 27, a training facility in Weybridge, Surrey. I’m going to blog about my session later this week but if you are in the area, I urge you to go and try it out. You can contact Steven and the other chaps on info@locker27.com.

PS I also had pancakes for my afternoon snack. I made them out of egg whites, cottage cheese and protein powder. They tasted great but looked awful so I didn’t take a pic. 😉

Have your pancake and eat it too is a post from The Fit Writer blog.

8 Responses to Have your pancake and eat it too

  1. Auntie Rose says:

    Roger the Tosser!!! I’ll tell him!


  2. Joob says:

    I made sweet potato pancakes today! I didn’t even know pancake day existed! WOOHOO

    (sweet potato + egg whites + oats + vanilla stevia + cinnamon + blend it all)


  3. Dad says:

    that’s a cool photo Nic – I miss those family pancake days!

    this year, during the day, I comentated at a Rotary/FTCM pancake races event in the Precinct, and Liz and I heated up pre-bought p/c’s for sweet in the evening – not the same!


  4. Alice Albrow says:

    I made some of these this morning to have for lunch at work with a salad. I’ve been doing the protein powder, egg white, bicarb of soda thing, sometimes throwing in a banana but this is my first delve into cottage cheese, egg whites, oats. Looks great, thanks Nic 🙂


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