Family fitness

**Please note important edit to this post at the bottom of the page…**

I’m not from a particularly sporty family. Auntie Rose is doing a triathlon, true, but sport doesn’t particularly course through the Joyce veins.

Apart from once a year.

(Joyce Picnic 2001: Cousins Team)

We have an annual family picnic (called…the Joyce Picnic, for obvious reasons) at which we traditionally play a highly-competitive game of cricket or rounders. Things get very serious during these annual matches. Anyone remember the year when the teams were split Aunt/Uncle generation vs. Cousin generation, and the cousin team opted to shout “OLD!” whenever an Aunt or Uncle went to hit the ball? Yeah, I think we won that one.

This weekend, I was proud to host the very first Cousington Picnic, a break-away version of the Joyce Picnic consisting solely of cousins. Of course, being the vibrant young generation we are, we had to come up with a new game to play. Not for us your simple cricket or basic rounders. Nope. We threw them all together, added in a reference to our mediterranean heritage through “boules”, went over to the local rec and made up…


I can’t exactly remember the rules of Bricket and quite honestly they don’t matter too much. Suffice to say we played with two teams: Joyces vs Mudbloods and Gone-aways ( <—– someone who is actually a pure bred Joyce by birth but no longer has the name due to marriage).

I am a Gone-Away. And, despite a stunning personal performance by Cousin Tim (a Joyce), THE GONE-AWAYS WON!

The dog wasn’t in a team. I’m not even sure he knew whether he was involved in our Bricket match or the football game being played by small children at the other end of the field. At least he didn't puncture their ball…

Is your family sporty? Which traditional summer picnic sporting activities would you combine?


To all Joyces, I offer a thorough and heartfelt apology. Readers, you too deserve my humble apologies for misleading you in such a brash and offensive manner. It was an innocent deception, but I realise this will do little to repair the damage done.

Contrary to my understanding, the Gone-Aways/Mudblood team did NOT win the inaugural game of Bricket on Saturday. The Joyce team did. Here is a word from our Umpire:

“Really liked the last blog post, but do any Joyces read it? Because if they do, they might be up in arms about the result. The Joyces actually won. The combination of Tim, Rosie and Sarah really put up a big score. (It didn’t help that no-one actually expalined to the umpire who was on which team – I was initally scoring you and Hannah as being the Joyce team, as you’re not Mudbloods. No-one told me about the Gone-Aways!) So, after all re-calculations, the Joyces won.”

Family Fitness is a post from The Fit Writer blog.


7 Responses to Family fitness

  1. Tim says:

    This is less reputable reporting of results than the Korean Daily Star.

    I would like it to be recorded that despite the contradictary photographic evidence above (faked for posterity), the Joyce team actually won by a significant margin, because the bowling attack of Connelly/Grover got utterly dominated by yours truly.

    Codified rules of Bricket available on request.


    • thefitwriter says:

      Rubbish. Absolute rubbish. I never thought I would hear myself say this but…this kind of thing makes me glad to be a Gone-Away. Glad, you hear? You bring shame to the Joyce name.


  2. Katherine Joyce says:

    Readers of the Fitwriter blog, this just goes to show you should never trust anything you read on the internet. The Joyce pureblood team won by such a shamefully large margin that the author has clearly fallen into a ‘fit’ of jealous denial. One of our players scored more than their Goneaway team did in its entirety, and that’s despite their carefully-orchestrated canine pitch invasions whilst we were batting….


  3. thefitwriter says:

    See edit. I am ashamed. Call myself a journalist?


  4. Mark says:

    I think you got ‘carried away’ with the emotion of the occassion! In future can we all make sure the umpire knows the rules and teams too?!!!



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