Training update

Short and sweet post today. A few people have asked me about my training: what am I doing, is it changing as my first show gets closer? The date of my first show is still – *quick check the calendar* – 12 weeks away, so I’m still eating lots and therefore lifting heavy. I am however starting to add some cardio back into the mix. Partly because the weather’s improving, and getting outside to run with the dog or ride my lovely road bike is good for the mind, and partly because I now want to slowly chip away at my body fat as we creep towards showtime (rather than leaving it til nearer the time but having to do it more quickly).

I posted recently about testing the strength goals I’d set myself, and I reported back about a conditioning session I had (more where that came from, coming soon).

I am enjoying it all – no, scrap that, I’m loving it all. I love love love lifting heavy weights (just as well really!) and my long-time love of weight training is what attracted me to this year’s challenge. But, as an endurance athlete, I naturally have an affinity for cardio, too, and I do like running (particularly with my stripey, brown, hairy running partner), road biking and interval training (track running, hill sprints etc). I’m also enjoying coming up with intervals and HIIT sessions in the gym. They usually revolve around cruel and unusual methods involving a skipping rope, a high step and my weighted vest.

So without further ado (and without any pictures), here is my current training schedule. I expect it will change pretty soon.

1 – Session 1: Weights – Legs, session 2: postural work (usually at home)
2 – Session 1: Weights – Back, triceps and abs, session 2: intervals/HIIT
3 – Session 1: Cardio, session 2: yoga (erm, I don’t always get round to this it has to be said!)
4 – Session 1: Weights – Chest, biceps and calves, session 2: posing practice (at home!) (harder than it sounds!)
5 – Session 1: Weights – Legs, session 2: postural work (usually at home)
6 – Session 1: Cardio, session 2: yoga and/or posing practice
7 – Session 1: Weights – Shoulders, more back and abs, session 2: HIIT
8 – OFF or if I simply must do something, yoga or posing. Or a long walk with the dog. Am loving our walks recently: podcast or audio book on the iPod and off we go.

I also try and throw at least a few minutes of posing in at home most days. It’s really hard to get it right and learn it all so it becomes second nature. It’s not a matter of throwing a few shapes, or “posing” as in styling it out in front of the mirror. You have to really engage your brain/muscle connection and get your muscles to understand how you’re asking them to move – and then you have to hold the pose for a while (and it’s not always comfortable). I have particular problems, for instance, with my traps (trapezius muscle). After swimming so much and for so long, they are pretty strong and over-active. It’s like whenever I ask my body to do anything, my traps stick their hand up and say “ooh Miss, Miss! Me Miss, pick me! I know the answer Miss!” I have to try and teach them to stay down, be quiet and let some of the other muscles have their say, but it’s not easy because – for some reason – my brain doesn’t connect to them very well.

Today was day 7 in the cycle, so this morning after breakfast (or as we bodybuilders call it “meal one”) I was in the gym for 45 minutes or so of weights focusing on my shoulders, some back stuff and a little bit of core work. Then I’m just back from my second session of the day (blogging in my running kit). I took myself off to the local running track and did short intervals as fast as I could (which isn’t very fast, but it’s all relative). I wouldn’t always do a track session for intervals but Starbucks had a “free bag of coffee” offer on and track is on the way back.

Hey, whatever motivates you to get out the door 😉

Actually, I lied about no pictures. There was only one other person on the track today. He was small, fast and lean, a little powerhouse. …he was also wearing school uniform…because he was a 5-year-old boy. I’m not sure what he was doing but he was enjoying it, so I stayed to cheer him on over the line before I drove home.

I hope your training is going well.

Training update is a post from The Fit Writer blog.


7 Responses to Training update

  1. Just Jj says:

    Fascinating stuff, Nic – and I mean that. I love this particular (forgive me) journey that you’re on, and I’m looking forward to your show. don’t suppose that littl’un’s surname was Forsyth, was it? ;o)


  2. Kat Millar says:

    Great stuff Nic, you’re right on track and everything is on point! LOVE hearing that you’re LOVING it!!


  3. MCG ESQ says:

    Two workouts a day, 7 days in a row! Intense. What comptition are you entering?


  4. Triathlon training isn’t easy! Although the actual race is even harder. Good luck.


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