“She wore an…itsy bitsy, teeny weeny…

…bling-encrusted pink bikini….”

Yesterday I met up with Kat and Annie again for some more posing practice. It all went well, Annie was pleased with my progress (which was a huge confidence boost for me, since I’m never too sure if I’m doing the right thing when I pose at home by myself). We discussed how I’ve come on since she last saw me, and came to the conclusion that I may compete in Physique rather than Figure, which is absolutely fine by me. And she very kindly lent me some of her contest bikinis to try on. No sense in buying one if I can hire or borrow!





I get to wear two if I want (not at the same time; that would be really weird). Plain one for the pre-judging and then sparkly bling for the night show.

I thought I’d be petrified about the idea of putting on a tiny posing suit (not only are they small but they do up in a totally different way to a normal beach bikini, and you feel a lot more exposed) but, you know what, I’m not nervous about it. I don’t know why not. That may well change when I…oh, you know…have to get up on stage in front of a load of strangers wearing the suit. Who knows! But for now, it’s all rather fun actually! I never thought I’d be a “velvet and rhinestones” kind of a gal. Seems I was wrong. 😉


Sorry Richard and Jo, it looks like our “Ladies Wot Lunch” special trip to Soho to buy my shoes is off…I’m going shoeless as a Physique competitor, and that suits me just fine. 🙂

“She wore an…itsy bitsy, teeny weeny… is a post from The Fit Writer blog.


10 Responses to “She wore an…itsy bitsy, teeny weeny…

  1. Kat Millar says:

    What a hilarious post Nic, love it!! Especially the suspense with ‘They … are … very … ‘I couldn’t scroll down fast enough to see what you were gonna say! tee hee… Ohhhh I can’t decide on what colours are best, think I need to see you in them all! Brave enough to model them for us before we vote??


    • thefitwriter says:

      No! I’ll send you pics but no way am I putting them up here! :-O I really like the mega-mega-bling one but it’s a bit big 😦 The pink sparkly is really nice but I just never think of myself as a red/pink person. Perhaps I need to “get my colours done” by Colour Me Beautiful LOL! ;D



  2. bearrunner says:

    I bet they look hot!



  3. Richard says:

    what’s the difference between physique and figure?


    • thefitwriter says:

      Good question! It’s quite subjective and confusing (to me at least) but, essentially, figure is a bit more of a softer look, physique is harder/leaner. Striations and vascularity are acceptable (if not required) in physique and since I already have both – and don’t seem to be able to do a lot about it – I may be too “hard” for figure. The poses are slightly different and…no high heels for physique (yay!)

      If anyone reading can explain the differences better than I just have – or wants to correct me – please do!


  4. Richard says:

    vascularity? you and me both!!


  5. Ildiko Iliffe says:

    Very seriously: I find that most girls have issues with their backside and the shape of the bikini can make a huge difference for the type of buttocks you’ve got and so many girls don’t do themselves any favours and ruin a perfectly nice a… Other things you need to take into consideration is the length of your waist, upper body to lower body ratio. You seem relatively short and compact so this is probably not that prominent in your case. (Just assume from your squat/DL ratio too). I’m really not one to post pics of myself in bikinis if I can avoid it but last year I had the back of my bikini taken off and changed between the qualifier and the final. What a difference. I could send you some photos privately. Have your photos taken in various shapes and sizes if you can in your quarter turns, it’s all about the illusion. Think of it as a haircut that suits your face. Which show are you doing? Did Annie have any words of wisdom on the feds? I wouldn’t be clued up on that at all like he probably is. Good luck with all your prep.


  6. i love those suits!! they are so gorgeous. I especially like the one in the second pic!


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