FitDog gives advice for a happy life

In a departure from his fitness posts, the FitDog aka Frankie would like to give you some pearls of wisdom regarding how to live a stress-free, happy and peaceful life.

Start every morning by stretching your entire body. I favour two yoga moves: the “Up Dog” and “Down Dog”.

Immediately after stretching, go outside for a walk. It doesn’t matter if it’s dark outside, raining, snowing, windy or a glorious day. Just go. You will never regret it.

Come back from your walk and drink some water.

Eat your greens. Cruciferous vegetables are king. Try broccoli stumps, the outer leaves of cauliflowers, the ends of carrots and kale. Cucumber is a good choice on a hot day. Brussels sprouts are wonderful.

Eat cakes and sweets in moderation.

Bowel health is important. Try a raw diet of bones and wild grasses.

Jump. It will keep you young.

Play every day.

Cherish your family, especially siblings.

Get an education and graduate from school.

Know your limits…and then exceed them. “Impossible is nothing”.

Live in the moment.

Smile. Put bad times behind you, and don’t hold grudges.

Appreciate your doctor or vet. They only want the best for you.

Concentrate on rest and recovery whenever possible.

Be careful around fire.

Be kind and patient with children.

Do not judge a book by its cover.

And do not get angry at those who judge you on looks. Take the moral high ground and prove them wrong.

For more advice for life, Frankie recommends you check out this post by Murphy the pug who lives in America.

FitDog gives advice for a happy life is a post from The Fit Writer blog.

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6 Responses to FitDog gives advice for a happy life

  1. Brian says:

    Way to go Frankie!


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  3. Kat Millar says:

    Frankie this is absolutely price-less! I’m in Starbucks literally laughing at loud! Genius post!! LOVE the photos!! This is going to keep me smiling all day 😀


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