Picture updates

So a couple of you asked for photos to illustrate my progress eight weeks out from my physique comp. I’m a bit 😐 about putting full-body pics of me on here, if I’m honest, because if you want to really see any kind of detail I need to be in a bikini rather than gym shorts and a t-shirt. Hopefully that’s enough of an explanation! You understand.

However I’m happy to put relatively close-up bits of me on here. If you’re not interested, just skip this post. I don’t mind either way.

Bit of back, shoulders, tricep

Delts etc

Lats, and maybe a l’il bit of serratus?

I’ll be back again soon with more blog posts from my dog or somesuch 🙂

Picture updates is a post from The Fit Writer blog.


20 Responses to Picture updates

  1. You look amazing! The definition in your arms is incredible!


  2. Kat Millar says:

    Amaaaaaaazing, unreal, and still so many weeks to go! I think we are going to FREAK OUT at your condition Nic, seriously!


  3. april says:

    Beautiful!!! I’m impressed! 🙂


  4. Juliet says:

    GOOD GOD NIC! I am floored. And INCREDIBLY relieved that you live across an ocean from me so that I do not have to compete against you.

    Unless we both stick this through and get to the world championships that is.

    BUT SERIOUSLY! You have been hiding that muscle from us?! I feel the need to type explicatives because I am so freaking impressed. I bow down to you.


    • Juliet says:

      oh oh also – have you decided what event you are going to compete in AND how are your energy levels, etc?


      • thefitwriter says:

        Hey girl, thank so much, this really means a lot because I know you know exactly what it’s all about (and it’s very real for you right now!)

        World Championships ha ha :’-D

        I haven’t been hiding anything, it’s all been there…I think things have just started to come together this past week or so. That and the lighting in my front room is pretty good 😉

        As for which category, not completely – I’ll take the advice of my coach and her friend on that – but I think it will be physique rather than figure, yep.

        Energy levels are Okaaaaay…. I get tired late afternoon but this week we have a) dropped cals and carbs a little and b) started me on all-new weights programmes and added in some cardio. So…yeah! A demanding week. I’m fine soon after I’ve eaten (all 6 times a day ha ha) but finding I zip through the food quite quickly if you see what I mean, so the boost I get from it doesn’t last long!

        It’s all good though and I know you know what I mean! 🙂


      • Juliet says:

        it wont let me reply to your comment for some reason so I’m replying to myself again.

        Is “physique” the English version of American bodybuilding? If so – I totally support this decision 110%. But, obviously, I am biased.

        And I know exactly what you mean! This has been my peak week and I feel like I live in a fog – what better a time to get slammed with important projects at work. Figures. I collapsed on the couch a few nights in a row.


      • thefitwriter says:

        Hi hi! Not sure if physique is same as BB for you, we have BB too – I think it sits somewhere between your figure and BB (?) Anyway it’s no shoes, all the poses, plus routine – and some poses different/extra to figure. Happy to be doing this category as it suits my ethics (probably wrong word but I’m in a rush) as well as my condition/appearance 🙂


  5. Crystal says:

    What we can see looks great and with 8 more weeks to go, no problem.


  6. S Jordan says:

    Lookin really good luv. I’m secretly relieved that we don’t compete in the same category and not motivated to lug my backside down to the gym next week lol. But seriously – well done! I look forward to seeing you on stage!


    • S Jordan says:

      Yikes – that should have read NOW motivated to lug my backside to the gym not NOT motivated *smh*


      • thefitwriter says:

        Hey Shaherah! Thanks so much 🙂 I’m 99% definitely going to be physique rather than figure but I’m not completely sure yet. Either way, yes I’ll see you backstage and look forward to it! X

        Everybody – Shaherah here won her category (Figure) at a NABBA comp at the end of April. 😀


  7. AJ says:

    Great results, Nic! You definitely EARNED these results after working very hard for them. Do you have a bodyfat% goal by the time the competition arrives; what % are you at in these pictures?


    • thefitwriter says:

      Thanks 🙂 No, no BF% goal since the judges don’t measure it or need numbers. I’d be interested to know but only out of curiosity, but it’s so hard to measure accurately. I’ve no idea what I am at the mo, sorry.


  8. Kristen says:

    So impressive! (And darn intimidating, too!) You already look awesome, so I can’t wait to see what happens when you’re even closer to the end.


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