The Fit Writer talks to Kelly Rennie about bodybuilding prep

Ever since she burst onto the bodybuilding and fitness scene last year, I’ve wanted to meet athlete Kelly Rennie. Her story is remarkable: in just one year, she went from office-worker to national-level figure competitor and winner of the World Sports Model Agency competition. In April 2010, she sat in a cafe and wrote a detailed list of life goals. Nine weeks later, she was on stage. And within a season, she was taking 3rd place at the national final. Impressive stuff. I admire her physique, sure, but mostly I admire her drive, her determination and her ability to set goals and reach them. From what I’ve heard, she’s a lovely lady, too.

Do you believe in the Law of Attraction? I do.

I sat down at the Fitness Entrepreneur Bootcamp and got talking about bodybuilding to the chap sitting next to me. “Do you know Kelly Rennie?” he said. “She’s my girlfriend – she’s here upstairs, I’ll get her to come down and meet you.”

So that’s how I got to interview Kelly this weekend.

The Fit Writer: Kelly, you’ve had a busy year – going from office job to national-level figure comp and fitness modelling. Talk us through it.

Kelly Rennie: I was working as a PA and office manager when I decided to compete. I’ve always been involved in sport and fitness, and my twin sister competed a few years ago. But, this time last year, I wrote out a list of detailed goals, and competing was amongst them. I didn’t know how to start – I just googled “bodybuilding” and the BNBF website came up. They put me in touch with a trainer local to me (John Clark) and I started working with him. I came 2nd at my regional BNBF competition in the figure category, and 3rd at the national final. I then won the World Sports Model Agency competition, both for my category and for the overall women’s category. So, yes, it’s been quite a year!

TFW: What do you like about competing?
KR: I enjoy taking my body to the next level. I like challenging myself every day and reaching what I see at the next level of fitness. It’s the opportunity to create the body you’ve always wanted.

TFW: What are your next goals and plans?
I plan to compete in Figure again in 2011 and have been looking at competing overseas.

TFW: A lot of people will look at what you’ve achieved and want to follow in your footsteps. What advice do you have for them?
Find a trainer who knows more than you do, who knows the sport and has a lot of experience. You need someone who can guide you and support you when it all gets a bit emotional. Someone who can be there behind the scenes. That’s invaluable.

TFW: I know bodybuilding prep has already taught me a lot (like being organised!). What has bodybuilding taught you?
Well, it’s not an easy sport that’s for sure. It’s taught me the value of consistency; if you’re not consistent in your training and nutrition, you won’t get the results. It’s helped me become a lot more structured and this has filtered down into other areas of my life, too. I love having that structure. It helps me meet other goals in life and be successful (with my gym, for instance, and my website). Oh, and bodybuilding teaches you to be happy eating a lot of protein!

TFW: OK, imagine you and I are off to the gym. We’ve only got time for one exercise: what shall we do?
The leg press! It’s the only exercise which has ever had me curled up in the recovery position on the floor. I once pressed 220kgs – I was seeing stars!

TFW: You recently brought out a cookbook and one of your recipes is going to be in Oxygen magazine in September. What’s your favourite thing to cook?
I love my spinach loaf – it’s a great grain-free alternative to bread. Do check out my website for lots of recipes and, if you’re in the States, grab Oxygen in September to see my recipe of the month.

TFW: You compete in Figure and I’m going to be doing Physique. What do you see as the differences?
Physique is a lot of a harder look, a lot more defined. Figure, I think, is more of a feminine look with more flowing presentation.

TFW: I’ve only got six weeks of prep left. What advice do you have for me and what do I have to look forward to? 😉
Your diet will get stricter, as you know. But you’ll be fine. Just focus on that end result, imagine that trophy in your hand. All your hard work will pay off. And, when you’re on stage, it’s the best feeling in the world! What you’re about to do – what you’re about to achieve – feels amazing. Good luck!

Kelly’s sponsors are, Global Fitness Music and Designer Physique Australia.

We talked a lot about competing and competition prep. Kelly sweetly wished me luck with my final few weeks of prep (excuse the hilarious face I’m pulling in the still ha ha!):

Thanks Kelly, it was lovely to meet you and I’ve got a feeling we’ll be in touch with each other again!

The Fit Writer talks to Kelly Rennie about bodybuilding prep is a post from The Fit Writer blog.

Nicola Joyce – the Fit Writer – is a freelance copywriter and journalist who writes for the sport and fitness industry. Her main website is here.

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  1. Kat Millar says:

    A great read, thanks Nic! What an inspiration Kelly is! 😀


  2. Kim Ingleby says:

    Yes I agree – great interview Nic, and Kelly as you say, inspiring! Good luck with your competition Kim x 🙂


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