Sneak peak of comp day – NPA Yorkshire on Active Channel

Morning! How was your weekend?

I was at a hen do – yep, three weeks out from my bodybuilding comp. More later on how I navigated that little challenge without impacting on anyone else and whilst having a fab time myself.

For now here’s a link to the Active Channel’s coverage of the NPA Yorkshire qualifiers (I’ll be doing the NPA South West on 17th July as my second show).

NPA Yorkshire footage from Active Channel

If you have 11 minutes or so and are interested, have a watch. The Physique section starts at 09:17 if you want to ffwd to that section, and the interview with Helen is at 11:00.

There’s a bit at the beginning about the stringent drug testing and polygraph testing, then coverage of the Masters’ over 40s. Then there’s a look at ladies Physique – the category I’ll be doing – including a brief interview with the NPA Yorkshire Physique winner, Helen Thwaites.

There were only two women in the category! In a way this makes me glad, because it proves to me that not many women want to/are prepared to train for and enter Physique, so I suppose it gives it a little more kudos in a way. But at the same time I’d like to be up against more than one other person! Oh well, que sera sera!

Quick update on me at 20 days out:

– I’m starting to feel very tired, but that may be due to the hen do and lack of sleep this weekend!
– I’m still putting my weights up in the gym when I can, but this is getting less and less frequent
– my posing music is all cut and edited (thank you, my-friend-Vickie’s-boyfriend-Lewis!)
– weight is down (having not budged for over two weeks)
– bikinis are ordered
– entry forms for all shows are posted

I’m seeing Kat and Annie on Monday so will have lots to update you on after that.

A few links if you’re interested

The NPA (Natural Physique Association – covered in the video link) website, on Facebook and on Twitter.
The Active Channel (great resource).

Sneak peak of comp day – NPA Yorkshire on Active Channel is a post from The Fit Writer blog.

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8 Responses to Sneak peak of comp day – NPA Yorkshire on Active Channel

  1. I hope you have more than 1 person to compete against!! I wish more women would compete in the physique and BB categories :/

    By the looks of it you’re very on top of things! Hopefully the remaining time flies 😀


  2. Wendy says:

    What music did you pick?


  3. Juliet says:

    There is still a lot of time left for women to enter. Bodybuilding is one of those events that takes a special kind of woman and not many are willing to do what we do, so be proud. It DOES say a lot!


  4. Am I the only person who doesn’t know what a hen do is? A bachelorette party? That’s my bets guess.

    It really sounds like you have everything in line — and as for the # of competitors, from what I’ve seen of the regional shows in my area, the bodybuilding numbers are low here, too.


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