thefitwriter in the local news

What did I do? It wasn’t me, I promise!


Don’t worry, I haven’t done anything scandalous, but it seems I have done something of interest to local print and broadcast media.

Which headline do you prefer?

Here I am in this week’s KM Extra (local paper in Kent where I grew up):

And here’s a snippet of an article in this week’s Wokingham Times (local paper where I live now) – full article is on this link. I’m sure the headline in the print version was something like “Nicola’s a natural…” which I thought was kinda nice (it being a natural bodybuilding federation, strictly drug tested and all):

Maggie Philbin!

On the back of the latter article, BBC Radio Berkshire got in touch and asked me to be the person their “roving reporter” is with that day. (The reporter happens to be Maggie Philbin – I remember her from “Tomorrow’s World”!)


Apparently there will be short segments with me between 7am and 10am on Monday, at about 00:20 and 00:50 past each hour. The initial email even suggested Maggie might do a bit of training with me – let’s pump some iron, Maggie! 😉

Do you want a press release?

By the way, this all came about because I sent one press release out… Press releases are one of the services I offer my copywriting clients. So, if you’d like a bit of this kind of action, you know where to find me! (Here)

Have you ever been on radio? How do you stop your voice sounding like you’re about four years old? Aaaaand… do you remember Maggie on “Tomorrow’s World”? (How did the theme tune go – that’s going to bug me now…)

thefitwriter in the local news is a post from The Fit Writer blog.

Nicola Joyce – the Fit Writer – is a freelance copywriter and journalist who writes for the sport and fitness industry. Her main website is here.

6 Responses to thefitwriter in the local news

  1. Shambler says:

    Nic! How fantastic! I love the “natural” headline. Yes, I do remember Maggie Philbin and the Tomorrow’s World theme. I’ve been on Brooklands Radio and I don’t think I sounded as if I was 4 years old but I had to keep on asking people if that’s what I really sounded like!

    How’s the finals prep going so far?


    • thefitwriter says:

      I always think my voice sounds really young – really high. Oh well! Can’t wait to meet the Philbster. I’m going to pump iron with her! What were you on radio for?

      Prep going gooood thank you, saw Kat yesterday and she was very pleased with me. There have been tough days but also very good days and in general it’s all going well – I’m just working hard, that’s all! So I expect it to be tough!

      Am hosting residential MTB training camp here this weekend – Mark and Rich – tee hee! Such a shame you couldn’t come & massage. Hope your course is good! XX


  2. Yvonne Higby says:

    That is so wonderful that you are in the paper. You look awesome and it shows how beautiful bodybuilding can be.
    Good luck with the Radio, I am sure that will be great too.


  3. Pinky says:

    The theme I remember:

    Not heard that for years!


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