StepSuccess walking experiment update 1

Hi all,

As I explained in this post, I’m doing a lot of walking for a couple of weeks as my husband’s away (read his adventures here – from the point of view of his training partner in crime Richard of Richard’s TransRockies). So, as well as training once or twice a day, working, keeping the house relatively clean and tidy and doing all those little chores life throws at you, I’m also solely responsible for exercising our young, lively dog.

He needs at least two, if not three, walks a day. They need to be at least 30 minutes long (he’d prefer 45-60 minutes each time) and they need to be fast (he’s got energy to spare).

I won’t lie, all that walking on top of my own training is exhausting, particularly as I bring my calories down to come in nice and sharp for the BNBF Finals. But, we have a dog, so what am I going to do? He needs walking and, if I’m honest, I like walking. Podcasts, audiobooks, my wonderful Bose earphones (love) and a stripey dog on a lead. What’s not to like?

StepSuccess sent me one of their gadgets to trial during this period, so I can see just how much walking I’ve done whilst my husband’s away, and assess how useful simply walking is as a form of exercise. It’s my opinion that walking (at a decent pace) is a vastly underrated method of cardio. Why run when you can walk, unless you particularly love running or are training for a running event? Walking rocks.

So, I’ve had the StepSuccess clipped to my shoe for every dog walk since Wednesday afternoon (husband did his last dog walk on Wednesday morning). Here are some screen shots from the StepSuccess online software. You can click to enlarge.

In a nutshell

Since Wednesday afternoon I’ve walked 51,685 steps with the dog (this doesn’t include other walking, like to the gym and back, for meetings, around the supermarket etc)
We’ve walked for nearly 8 1/2 hours
The dog and I have covered 24.6 miles (although, as StepSuccess doesn’t require you to measure your stride, this is debatable)
I’ve used up 1400 precious calories walking (again, the accuracy of this is debatable since it’s not linked to heart rate or anything else specific to your body, just stepping)

I’ve been asked:

– do you have to measure your stride?
No, so I’m not sure how accurate the distance aspect of it is. However, used as a pedometer which synchs with your PC/Mac and gives you lots of feedback (which you can compare to other people in your “team”), it’s useful.
– what info do you input?
Your own stats – DOB, weight and height.
– is it easy to use?
Very! You just clip it to your laces and walk. Then take it off, put the USB stick in, shake the clippy thing around near the USB and it synchs in about 5 seconds. Then log on and have a look at your stats.

Stay tuned for more walkies! And let me know if there’s anything in particular I can address/answer on this topic.

StepSuccess walking experiment update 1 is a post from The Fit Writer blog.

Nicola Joyce – the Fit Writer – is a freelance copywriter and journalist who writes for the sport and fitness industry. Her main website is here.

6 Responses to StepSuccess walking experiment update 1

  1. Fifi says:

    Does it have GPS? I’m guessing not as u say distance is debatable but that’d b kule there’s an app for iPhone that Welshy & I use to track walks & updates with FB & twitter :-)xx


    • thefitwriter says:

      No – it’s essentially a pedometer but the USP is the online software and the fact that you can hook up with “team members” to do mini challenges or motivate yourself that way. They are working on an app which links to FB etc to broadcast your walks as soon as you upload to your computer. πŸ˜€


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