My bodybuilding biosignature experience

I mentioned last week that I was going for a BioSignature assessment with a local practitioner, Ben Lauder-Dykes. It was all a bit too much information to take in and remember at the time, so I decided to wait until Ben emailed my results before I blogged about it.

In summary, I’m really pleased with what the test revealed about my hormonal profile. Quite honestly, I couldn’t have asked for a better result given my current goals. The priority area for improvement is my hamstring skinfold – and that relates to external factors rather than genetic ones or things like stress/sleep which I might find difficult to control during contest prep. The things which can affect and improve hamstring skinfold are things I’m confident I can do something about.

Here’s my BioSig result. It will mean something to those of you who know about Poliquin‘s BioSignature method. Those of you who don’t can learn more about it here and can read about what the different skinfold sites relate to here.

Nicola Joyce bodybuilder biosignature

You can click to make it bigger, but here are the readings (not including chin and cheek which don’t relate to hormones):
Hamstring: 18mm
Pec: 3.2mm
Sub-scap: 7.4mm
Knee: 4.8mm
Umbilical: 6.2mm
Calf: 5mm
Midaxilliary: 4mm
Supralliac: 4.2mm
Tricep: 6.4mm
Quadricep: 6.4mm

Which comes out at 6.7% body fat although, as Ben explained, he’d typically account for a 2% error-margin either way.

Ben offered the following comment about my test. I promise I didn’t ask him to say any of this!

BioSignature is a skinfold test which assesses 12 specific sites on the body that relate to individual hormones. This shows us your hormonal profile or ‘BioSignature’. Using nutrition, lifestyle and supplement protocols we can spot reduce fat and achieve dramatic and lasting fat loss, body composition change and lean muscle gain. It is likely that your hormones are putting the brakes on in your race for results!

Do you struggle to lose fat from certain areas, no matter how hard you train or diet? If you answered yes then
1) it’s not your fault
2) and it can be changed!

Onto Nicola’s results

After completing the assessment the software lists the 12 sites in order of priority, 1 being of highest importance. Here are your ‘issues’, Nicola.

1) Hamstring – relates to external estrogens
2) Pec – relates to androgen levels (which relate closely to aromatisation of testosterone into estrogen)

More about the hamstring skinfold

The hamstring skinfold relates to external estrogens. These come into the body through toxins in tap water, plastics and some cosmetic products. Contraceptive pills/injections can also increase external estrogen as can belly button piercings.

The body should be able to detox these estrogens out of the body – this occurs in the liver. Phase one: the body attaches a vitamin or mineral to the toxin. Phase two: it attches an amino acid to the toxin and it is then excreted. Sounds pretty simple, but deficiencies in zinc lead to low stomach acids, poor absorption of the nutrients available in the foods we eat and inefficient use of vitamins and minerals. This all has a very detrimental affect on our body’s ability to detox. This inability to detox estrogens will lead to higher levels of estrogen and more feminisiation in both males and females. This in turn will lead to fat gain. (This is why women have higher body fat levels and find it harder to lose fat as they have higher estrogen levels.)

Pec and triceps skinfold

Increases levels of estrogen can lead to more aramotisation of testosterone into estrogen. This will mean more fat stored on the pec and triceps. This is another reason females stuggle with ‘bingo wings’, as this site is related to testosterone levels. Females can still get lean triceps – 6mm being the lowest – whereas for a male it should be 4mm at its highest.

Sub scapular skinfold

Another important site is the sub scapular. This shows us how tolerant you are to carbohydrates. A person is either genetically tolerant or not and unfortunately only approx 25% of people are gentically tolerant. If you’re genetically tolerant then the skinfold will always be 8mm or under; if not, you will never get it below 8mm. Nicola, at 7.4mm you are what we call a ‘Carbohydrate BITCH!’

Nicola’s BioSig: in summary

You have the best BioSignature I have seen. I am a perfectionist and often a very hard person to please but I have to admit I am VERY impressed! Your dedication and application is excellent and is represented not only in your great physique but your great health.

There is a saying in bodybuilding: ‘Fit for Stage’. Most competitors step on stage looking visually incredible but in terms of overall health they are far from healthy. The increasing stresses they put on the body each competition makes it harder and harder for them to get into shape. Overall health is of the utmost importance and you seemed to have struck that balance perfectly. I think you have a lot of potential to make some very significant improvements to your physique and think you could definitely be a dark horse at the British Finals. Let me know where I can get my ticket from?!

Wow, well thank you Ben. What great feedback, I really appreciate it. I’m ready to listen to what you have to say on our follow-up appointment: let’s see if we can get that hamstring reading down!

Ben is a PICP level 2 trainer and BioSignature Practitioner. He’s helped 100s of people achieve their goals, from fat loss to increasing muscle mass, competition prep to sports performance. Through experience and consistent studying, he’s learnt that changing your physique is not as hard as most people think, you just need to do the right things more often. He says he guarantees to dramatically change anyone’s physique in 8-12 weeks (if they do the right things often enough!) – in fact he offers a full money-back guarantee. He practices what he preaches, too: having reached the final of the Men’s Health Cover Model and World Sports Model competitions. “So, I know these things will work!” he says.

Ben can be contacted via BFit Personal Training Solutions or his blog, and he’s on Twitter and Facebook.

As for those tickets – they’re actually on sale now from TicketSoup.

My bodybuilding biosignature experience is a post from The Fit Writer blog.

Nicola Joyce – the Fit Writer – is a freelance copywriter and journalist who writes for the sport and fitness industry. Her main website is here.

10 Responses to My bodybuilding biosignature experience

  1. Kristen says:

    This is sooo, SOOOO interesting!! I need to read more about this. NOW. I will be coming back to check out your links and reread this!

    I am especially intrigued by idea that different skinfold measurements reveal different things — the estrogen one, in particular, is super intriguing. Do you have any more resources available for this kind of stuff? I will be heading over to Ben’s site, too!


    • thefitwriter says:

      Hey! I don’t but if you google it there will be plenty – lots of practitioners have their own sites/blogs so there’s a wealth of stuff out there. I’m seeing Ben again on Sunday so if I find out any more I’ll post again! (Or ask him to!)


  2. Faye says:

    You have me hooked! I definitely want to try this out


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  6. My other half is definitely going to give this a go!


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