20 days to go – update

Just 20 days to go until the BNBF British Final. Time has flown!

In yesterday’s post, I promised an update. So, here we go:

No changes to my training; I’m still pushing through for as long as I’ve got the energy. My split is legs twice a week (two different sessions), back, shoulders and chest. Some of those sessions are really quite short (shoulders in particular) so, whilst I don’t get a lot of rest days, some days are less demanding than others. I’m not doing any steady-state cardio (other than walking the dog) but what I am still doing is intervals and plyometrics, usually as a second session on some (not all!) days.

My carbs are coming down slowly, whilst my protein is staying steady and my fat is, if anything, higher than it has been. Perhaps the easiest way to illustrate what kind of things I eat is to give you a “day in the life of…” I’ve never done this before! Here’s what I ate yesterday:

1) bison and veg all cooked up together using coconut oil (yes, for breakfast. So delicious!)
2) after weight training: smoothie of sweet potato (cooked then frozen), Kara coconut milk, pea protein (typically I’d use vanilla whey but I’ve now taken sweetened protein powders out of my diet)
3) chicken breast and green beans, sauteed together with seasoning and lemon rind (my latest obsession!)
4) grilled asparagus topped with egg whites (done like a poached egg – I would have had a whole poached egg if I had the fats to spare). Homemade latte using Kara coconut milk.
5) after interval training: homemade ragu sauce using Athleat‘s grass-fed beef mince (so amazing, incredibly different to any other beef mince I’ve ever had), done in the slow cooker with tomatoes and onions, over shirataki (sp?) noodles
6) egg white crepe with cinnamon, cooked in coconut oil (I’d normally add some casein powder to this, or have something like casein “icecream”, but the casein’s out at the moment due to sweeteners).

During the day I drink lots of water, a big jug of homemade juice which I make every morning (one of my secret weapons), green tea and one or two (quality) cups of coffee.

I’m posing til I pop! Once or twice a day. I always go through all the poses at least twice after every training session, and sometimes I’ll just do a posing session at home to the never-ending delight of my patient husband.

I’m using the same music as I did for the BNBF qualifier but I’ve added a few new bits to it. I hope they like it!

Is being designed and on its way! I can’t wait to see it! 😀

These are a bit bright and I’m washed out – we were in an empty squash court practicing my routine – but my abs are coming in (honest!) I’m so excited about this, guys! 😀

And ones taken by me yesterday (how DO youngsters ‘these days’ take iPhone photos of themselves? I simply can’t work out how to do it…. Cousins! Give me a tutorial!)

So, 20 days to go. This time in three weeks I’ll be on my way home from Glasgow. Crazy!

I hope you’re enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend. Have you trained, raced, marshalled an event?

20 days to go – update is a post from The Fit Writer blog.

Nicola Joyce – the Fit Writer – is a freelance copywriter and journalist who writes for the sport and fitness industry. Her main website is here.


18 Responses to 20 days to go – update

  1. Crystal says:

    You look awesome. And your diet blows my mind! Where do you find the time to cook all of that? 🙂


    • thefitwriter says:

      It really doesn’t take long! The breakfast takes about 10 minutes, and I make a double batch (had it again this morning). The smoothie takes about 2 minutes to cook the potato, then in the freezer it goes (in the milk) whilst I’m at the gym. Then it takes about 1 minute to blend. The chicken and beans, about 5/10 mins to sautee. The asparagus just chuck it under the grill, and the egg in the microwave. The mince was slow-cookered and took about 2 mins to reheat. The crepe is just whizzed in the blender and poured into a hot pan. 🙂 I was at home all day yesterday but, in days I’m not at home, I prep beforehand. For instance, today I’ve cooked a load of portioned-up bits of chicken breast so I can just grab them and go. Veggies are easy to grab and eat raw on the go. It’s really not time-consuming if you get in the habit, get organised and prep things beforehand. Also, I love pottering in the kitchen 😀


  2. Pinky says:

    It requires such organisation to plan the diet, shop for it and then execute it. Am deeply impressed. As always. And you are looking really good, I am no expert but you look damn fine to me!


    • thefitwriter says:

      Hiya Pinks! I suppose it does, but it appeals to be (type A, moi?) and I work at home, have no kids etc etc so I suppose it is easier for me than for many. Really it’s like anything, habit after a while! 😀


  3. you look so awesome !! im only jealous.. like a LOT!


  4. Karryann says:

    Looking really good 🙂 Your diet sounds tasty, although I love my porridge first thing in the morning! Keep it up xx


    • thefitwriter says:

      Thanks! I like porridge/oat-type-stuff too but am really loving my meat first thing at the mo. I find it fills me up more and is tastier. It really sets me up for a day of good eating! Oats after training are good though, but I cut out grains as we get closer to competition date. x


  5. flick161 says:

    Diet does look really interesting! I hate cooking diet foods though so do my food once every 3 days and that’s it!


    • thefitwriter says:

      Oh I love tinkering jn the kitchen ‘diet’ foods or otherwise 🙂 I’ll batch cook chicken breasts and slow-cooker stuff, and often make extra portions of stirfries etc but that’s more to make use of the oven whilst it’s on. I love cooking 🙂


  6. Juliet says:

    Crap. Woman…. I am infinitely jealous with my teeny baby muscles across the ocean. I’m about to go watch the vid you sent me!


  7. Ryan says:

    Amazing work – can’t wait to see the results in 20 days time.

    Out of curiosity, roughly how many calories do you eat per day and what is the macro breakdown? I’ve got a photo shoot in 7 weeks so would love to hear your peaking strategies too.


    • thefitwriter says:

      Thanks Ryan. I pledged a while ago never to talk calories on the blog as I’m aware it can be triggering for some (and I’ve no idea who’s reading). But feel free to email me and I’m happy to share more about nutrition 🙂 Although judging by the URL of your log in you probably know more than I do! ;D


  8. Kat Millar says:

    Nic you look so great, and you’re still smiling!! I’m SO proud of you, I know how hard this is and I admire how much you’ve done and are doing. Keep going hard and strong, you’re an inspiration to so many and you’re nearly there. EXCITING!!!!


  9. OMG where did you get that vesty from? (there’s no sound on my computer to listen to your vid)…


    • thefitwriter says:

      I had it made – via cafe press I think. It wasn’t expensive – I bought two and gave one to my coach. Funny isn’t it? (Well, I amuse myself…!)

      Probably just as well re the sound, my voice is like that of a small child on helium. And for some reason I say “OK thank you!” at the end. Thank who? For what? Hee!


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