NPA South East – my second bodybuilding comp

A full write-up with pics is coming… But I have the BNBF Final in just 6 days, so lots to do!

But I wanted to check in and let you all know…


Yesterday’s NPA South East was my second bodybuilding competition and, in a class of five, I won first place and got Best Presentation. I was genuinely shocked and surprised to win. I don’t think it has sunk in yet. It means so much to have been placed first by the judges in a class with four other competitors who all brought a great standard to the stage, had worked hard to get there and who continued to work hard as we posed and did our routines.

I was hoping just to place top three (I had a lot of family in the crowd and wanted to make it worth their while and thank them!) I could only dream of winning. So this result… has blown me away.

I will post a longer write-up when it’s sunk in and when I have some photos and videos for you.

For now, here’s one somebody put on Facebook

And one of my trophies which I took last night when we got home. (As an aside, I’ve always wanted a cup – I said, if I got one, I’d eat my breakfast out of it. It will be a while yet before oats are back on my breakfast menu but you can sure that photo is coming!)

Thank you all so much for watching, reading and supporting.

Here’s to the BNBF Final on Sunday – and the NPA Final in October! πŸ˜€

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10 Responses to NPA South East – my second bodybuilding comp

  1. Nic you are Gold, pure Gold – a true winner in every way πŸ˜€ Totally deserved – you rocked the house and your condition was incredible. Proud proud proud to be your coach and friend – was teary when you left yesterday!! Bring on Glasgow – YEAH BABY!!! xox


  2. Kristen says:

    Ah! Congrats! I’d love to see more, but for now, you are pretty rocking in this pic (your arms/shoulders are seriously sick).

    Really, really happy for you, especially after all the hard work and dedication I’ve seen you put into this process.


  3. Juliet says:

    I know I have said it a billion times, but seriously, you look absolutely incredible. I think you will do ABSOLUTELY phenomenal at the BNBF finals and I cannot wait to see the outcome (regardless of how you place).

    They seem to have taken it down, but the list of Pro Women who qualified for the Yorton Cup, last I saw (a few weeks ago), was probably over 20 women! It will be a good show for sure!


  4. […] owe you a show report from Sunday’s bodybuilding show, where I was delighted/overwhelmed/shocked to win my class. It’s coming, I promise, but […]


  5. […] if you would do 2 comps so close together again.” This is with reference to doing the NPA South East and then the BNBF Finals just a week apart. You know what, I think I would. It really helped my […]


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