3 sleeps! (Or, how you know it’s nearly showtime)

Well, hello! This post is brought to you by carbohydrates. Life is good.

So, just three days to go til the NPA Final. I’m feeling good, on track and – most importantly – EXCITED! I just can not wait. It’s going to be such fun and I can’t wait to get on that stage, pose for the audience, give my supporters something to cheer for and have a ball!

I’ve now done my final gym session, and everything is “the last” this and “the last” that. We are definitely on countdown to showtime. I thought I’d walk you through a few things I see during my day which really bring that home to me:

Recycling bin – the result of peak week – many, many water bottles and an empty bottle of fish oil. (Next week I predict this bin will look somewhat different 😉 )

Wedding and engagement rings firmly on my hand, rather than in a “very memorable” (yeah right) place around the house. I don’t wear them when I lift weights, because I don’t want to scratch them any more than I already have (and they give me worse callouses than I already have). Recently, I’ve barely worn them. (Please excuse the Raynaud’s)

Bannisters. Empty! What’s usually there? My gym back, loaded and ready to go at all times. It is now upstairs.

I’ve been doing lots of posing practice, and so has thefitdog. He can only really do a front doggle bicep, and even that needs… some work.

Yesterday on Twitter I mentioned an “11/11/11” treadmill interval session I do, courtesy of Ben the PT. To explain: after you’ve warmed up (I walk fast on the steepest incline), turn the treadmill up to 11% incline and 11kph. Then do the following for 11 minutes:
15 seconds run
15 seconds where you straddle the treadmill and rest (this takes some practice but if I can do it, you can. I’m a complete klutz)
repeat until 11 mins are up
Then cool down (again, I walk at about 5kph and 15% incline).

Ben says you can do 12/12/12 and he’s even had someone do 14/14/14. Good for them. Perhaps their legs are longer than mine.

So, that’s more or less it. I waved bye-bye to the gym today

(Or was it….)

Tomorrow I’ll walk, rest, eat more carbs, pop into town for a wander about, pose and practice my routine.

Saturday is much of the same, without the town bit and with extra Sister. Yep, my Sister is coming up for the weekend and I can’t wait!

3 sleeps! (Or, how you know it’s nearly showtime) is a post from The Fit Writer blog.

Nicola Joyce – the Fit Writer – is a freelance copywriter and journalist who writes for the sport and fitness industry. Her main website is here.


17 Responses to 3 sleeps! (Or, how you know it’s nearly showtime)

  1. Kerryne says:

    So exciting. Good luck in your comp! 🙂


  2. How exciting that you’re nearly there. Can’t wait to hear how you get on. And nice to see the rings in place. I’m about to remove mine for tonight’s weights session!


  3. Sista says:

    Only 2 sleeps to go and I’m there Sista! It will be Sistamatic, BRING IT ON!!! 😀 xxx


  4. YAY for carbs and being soooo close – ‘almost’ ALL the hard work is now DONE!! Love the 2 ‘goodbye gym’ photos!! haha, will be nice to have a well-earned break from the place!
    Enjoy sistamatic!!!! 😀


  5. Jo.P says:

    Great read. See you Sunday…


  6. Fifi says:

    Funny I never take either of my rings off but always wear gloves whether they be rubber or weight lifting!
    Gosh I’m excited to see u!


    • thefitwriter says:

      I wear gloves for most sessions too but still find they give me a big old callous (I get them anyway but much worse with rings on). They kind of pinch?

      One of the worst carb-deplete moments before BNBF was when I took my engagement ring off at the gym, put it on the edge of the cable machine and…. went home. Thankfully my gym is pretty small, very friendly and they all know me. One phone call and it was located! But… OMFG! What a dufus! X


  7. fitterreally says:

    ooh the 11/11/11 sounds like one smashing HIIT; might have to try it my next gym session 😀 All the best for Sunday!


    • thefitwriter says:

      Give it a go! It’s one of those ones which seems OK at the time (although challenging) but really hits you later on – I find, anyway! I may try 12/12/12 some day – but not when on a carb-deplete ha ha!

      Thanks for the good wishes 😀


  8. thefitmum says:

    Reeeeeeally looking forward to seeing you Sunday, my sweet – you’re going to be fantastic. And really looking forward to being able to enjoy a meal with you sometime soon!!!


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