Fitness kit I’ve tested this week: GOOD Hemp protein powders

Hello! Long time no blog. Sorry, I’m a rubbish blogger! Since my bodybuilding season ended, I’ve been purposefully catching up with life. You know: work, taking my husband out to dinner, that kind of thing. I have logged in to WordPress several times, started a post but then logged out again because there’s something more pressing to do.

However, I’m here now. And I’ve got a product review for you.

You may recall that I secured myself a sponsor of sorts a few months ago – hemp protein products producers GOOD Hemp. Poor souls, I don’t imagine they thought for one minute that they’d approach me and I’d say “yes, great idea. Only one hitch: I can’t actually test your stuff for ages because of my contest diet.”

Some sponsored athlete I am!

However, I am no longer on my strict contest diet and so I can taste, test and sample to my heart’s content.

I intend doing regular reviews of GOOD Hemp‘s products, using them in recipes and baking and all manner of inventive ways. For now, though, here’s a straight-up review of the products I’ve got, mixed with water as a post-training shake or as a meal replacement/snack.

Here are the main benefits of using hemp protein powders:
No lactose (particularly useful if you have allergies or intolerances but most people would see/feel a benefit)
Easy to digest (no bloating or… erm… gassiness *pardon me*)
Fibre – good for your intestinal tract
Lots of Essential Fatty Acids (including important Omega 3)
Produced without use of heat

*two thumbs up*

GOOD Hemp natural hemp powder

A lot of people seem to be a bit funny about the idea of hemp protein powder but I can assure you that it doesn’t taste gritty or earthy or “green”. It’s very nice. This is the unflavoured one, so obviously it’s not going to taste the same as your banoffee-choco-malt whey with bits of actual chocolate in. But that’s probably a good thing.

Check out the nutritionals on this bad boy.

per 30g serving
111 kcal
14.1 g protein
4.6 g carbs (1.6 g of which are sugar)
3.8 g fat (0.5g omega 9, 0.7 g omega 3, 2.2g omega 6)
6.3 g fibre
No sodium

Like all of GOOD Hemp’s products, this doesn’t cause me any bloating (whey and casein do) because there’s no lactose in there. In fact, the hemp products feel really calming to my system. It mixes up well and has quite a creamy texture, even mixed just with water.

Fit Shake in Strawberry flavour

This is a surprise favourite of mine. I don’t know what it is that I love so much about it but there’s just something about the taste… it’s really fresh and refreshing. I think it might be the green tea? This one is sweetened, but with xylitol which is generally accepted to be one of the better sugar subsitutes out there. It mixes really well, although does have a bit of a thinner mouth-feel (<— check me out!) than the others. There's a pretty simple solution to that one: use less water. I love it and think it will be a really refreshing post-workout option for hot summer days.

The nutritional stats:
per 30g serving
110 kcal
10g protein
11.5g carbs (1.2g sugar)
2.7g fat (0.3g omega 9, 0.5g omega 3, 1.6g omega 6)
4.5g fibre
And no sodium

Like all GOOD Hemp’s protein powders, this has a really impressive amino acid profile. That’s one of the many things I like about these products; they are actually good for you, quite apart from helping you meet your protein requirements.

Gym shake in chocolate flavour

My absolute favourite product (with the Fit shake coming a close second). This tastes rich, chocolatey and indulgent. The hemp flavour really works with the chocolate flavour, giving it a depth of flavour without making it too sweet. I like my chocolate dark and unsweetened and this protein powder suits me well. Some chocolate flavoured whey and casein powders can be far too sweet for me. This one is sweetened (with sucralose, which I’m not a huge fan of) but far less than many other protein powders I’ve come across. I’ve baked with this (as has Anna – with great results!), used it in pancakes… all sorts. It’s delicious, and so good for you. But this review is for the powder mixed straight-up, with water… and that’s great, too. Try it!

Nutritional stats:
Per 40g serving
145 kcal
17.9 g protein
7.2 g carbs (2.0 g sugar)
4.9 g fat (0.5 g omega 9, 0.8 g omega 3, 2.8 g omega 6)
8.5 g fibre
No sodium

Last but not least is the Gym shake in strawberry flavour

Now, I do like this one, but not as much as some people do! I’ve sent a few friends little samples of GOOD Hemp’s products, and almost all of them rave about this strawberry Gym shake. I don’t know which one you’d like most! They’re both good, but to me the chocolate tastes richer. Both mix really well and taste creamy and smooth. This one isn’t a sweet, artificial strawberry taste. It’s quite subtle. All the great benefits are there in terms of omega 3/6/9, amino acids, dietary fibre and no lactose. It’s just a question of taste and flavour – which do you prefer?

Don’t forget, you can get £5 off purchases of GOOD Hemp protein products by putting NJ001 in at the checkout. Additionally, the company often have great offers on the website so keep a beady eye out. You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter, too, to hear about special offers.

Have you tried hemp protein powder? What do you think? What would you like me to try and make as part of my GOOD Hemp recipe series?

Fitness kit I’ve tested this week: GOOD Hemp protein powders is a post from The Fit Writer blog.

Nicola Joyce – the Fit Writer – is a freelance copywriter and journalist who writes for the sport and fitness industry. Her main website is here.

4 Responses to Fitness kit I’ve tested this week: GOOD Hemp protein powders

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  2. Very interested to read this. Especially like the sound of the chocolate shake; like you, I much prefer my chocolate dark and bitter (actually found I couldn’t finish a Cadbury’s Dairy Milk the other day – my son said this meant I was officially old!). I shall definitely try these out soon.


    • thefitwriter says:

      Great stuff, I think everyone should try them! Yum and good for you too 😀

      I imagine you’re like me then in that you can’t even fathom what “white chocolate” is FOR, let alone want to eat it. So sweet….my teeth are rotting….argh!

      Let me know when you try the GOOD hemp stuff out and what you think 🙂


  3. […] grabs are several sample packs of GOOD Hemp protein powders – my favourites in fact. After reading my recent review of the GOOD Hemp range, the kind folk over there sent me a load of sample sachets of my two […]


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