Leg training with Helen Stack

I’ve said before that I believe in the law of attraction. Remember when I wanted to interview Kelly Rennie, then ended up sitting next to her boyfriend (now fiancee: congrats, guys) at a conference, without knowing who he was? Yes, I do believe that if you put requests “out there”, sometimes they get answered.

So, I wasn’t altogether surprised to find myself training legs last weekend with WNBF Pro Helen Stack: former NPA overall champion, INBF World Champion and WPF Miss Universe.

You see, when I started to get focused on my own 2012 goals, I put together my mood board thingy for the kitchen. It comprises a slightly tongue-in-cheek, slightly disturbing mathematical equation, played out in picture form:

(A x B) + C = X, where A is Helen Stack, B is Patricia Beckman and C is me. X is unknown outcome.

It’s highly doubtful I’ll ever train legs (or anything else for that matter) with Patricia, what with her living in America and everything. But the law of attraction (and…er…the fact that she lives locally) meant that, a few days into 2012, I found myself training with Helen.

And what a session it was! Want to know what we did? OK.

– Box squats (new to me – sitting back and down onto a low box which is placed within the squat rack). I think I did 2 warm up sets and 7 working sets (ay caramba).
– Vertical leg press – single legs and both legs. Helen did immensely more weight than me, I can’t even remember what she did but it was crazy. I did 5 sets.
– Leg extension (machine) – single legs and both legs, with a horrible “pulse and hold” thing dreamed up by Helen in the depths of her Pro-bodybuildery brain. I ended up covering my eyes and kind of screaming during these. 4 sets.
– Standing hamstring curls, 6 sets
– Lying hamstring curls, 4 sets
– Donkey calf raises, 3 sets

Helen doesn’t often train at Castle Gym but, from time to time, she pops in, and hopefully we’ll get to train again soon. I’m absolutely loving training there! The kit, atmosphere and other people are really motivating.

Which athlete from your chosen sport would you like to train with? From my “other life”, I’d love to swim in the sea with Lynne Cox (and some seals).

Leg training with Helen Stack is a post from The Fit Writer blog.

Nicola Joyce – the Fit Writer – is a freelance copywriter and journalist who writes for the sport and fitness industry. Her main website is here.


6 Responses to Leg training with Helen Stack

  1. I think I’d like to train with you! But I’m not quite up to it yet! x


    • thefitwriter says:

      Yay! You’ve trained with me a million times over the years. 😀 And of course you’d be up to it – the nice thing about training in the gym with other people is that you don’t have to be on the same level (as evidenced by me training with Helen LOL!) You can still do the same exercises but it’s easy to pop plates on or off the bar, or use different dumbbells. xx


  2. flick161 says:

    Do you know, I was only talking to someone about the secret the other day – and here it is, in action! Like your style! And the Leg training of course!
    What did you learn from the session (except everything of course!)?


  3. This is so fab Nic, I’m a huge believer in the law of attraction!! I love the way you do your mood board thingy, people think I’m mad doing things like that but it totally works! Sounds like such an awesome workout I’m jealous 😉
    Just been looking at pics of Patricia Beckman, she’s such an inspiration imagine the pain she puts herself through to look like that!!


    • thefitwriter says:

      Thanks hon, me too. In fact I think it was you who suggested I make my first one last year? Now I’ve done tons. In fact I think you’ve had the dubious honour of seeing the Stack/Beckman one?! I’m sure you know, but Beckman has a twin sister who is a Figure champ – great story! (I keep trying to convince Hannah to compete in Figure but, as she points out, we’re not twins…) xx


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