B-Fit expo 2012

This weekend just gone, I went to the B-Fit expo, a consumer fitness and health show full of exhibitors, demos, talks and seminars. This was B-Fit’s first year but, as it’s put together by the same people who organise the Birmingham BodyPower show, I was looking forward to a busy event full of great names, trends and brands.

For me, the show was a chance to catch up with friends and clients, meet some people I’ve only ever spoken to online, personally thank some folk who have guest-blogged for me in the past and pimp myself around for journalism and copywriting work. Oh, and sample some tasty treats, of course! Having said that, despite many temptations, I ended up spending the princely sum of… £10. On a whisk. Yes, you should be excited! It is a very good whisk!

Anyway. Apart from the whisk, here’s a quick round-up of my B-Fit Expo experience.

I said hi to Fitnorama magazine and Ultrafit magazine. I nibbled delicious things from Pulsin’ and Get Buzzing. I talked to the Vibram footwear people from Primal Lifestyle (Vibrams review coming soon!)

I compared biceps with Carly Thornton whilst waiting for James St Leger to finish patiently explaining to a couple of teenage boys how thousands of sit-ups won’t give you visible abs (I interviewed James for Muscle and Fitness magazine and I think the feature will be out in next month’s mag).

I tried to do a press up whilst laughing (at myself) on the CrossCore rotational bodyweight training kit. I then marvelled at Andy McKenzie from The Training Lab’s amazing skillz on the CrossCore (he should be good at it; he’s the UK & Europe master trainer).

I met my friend Anna from Protein Pow(d)er, discussed her very exciting plans for the future and sampled lots of yummy treats. All the recipes are on her blog: I tried dark chocolate peanut butter cake-cups (I know, right?!) and dark chocolate hemp truffles. I urge you to make these, or at the very least to take a good look round Protein Pow(d)er. It’s amazing. I also think you should keep an eye on developments at Andy’s new venture The Training Lab. I’m hoping to get down to East Grinstead to sample The Training Lab way of life soon and I’ll be sure to report back!

Were you at B-Fit? What did you think? Did you buy a whisk?

B-Fit expo 2012 is a post from The Fit Writer blog.

Nicola Joyce – the Fit Writer – is a freelance copywriter and journalist who writes for the sport and fitness industry. Her main website is here.


10 Responses to B-Fit expo 2012

  1. Anna says:

    BIG LOVE! It was fantastic finally meeting you Nicola! And I’m overjoyed that you bought from The Whisking man. His salesmanship skills (and chat, of course) were outstanding, hehe. Looking forward to collaborating with you in the future –> big woop wooooop! You rock ❤


  2. Ben coomber says:

    Awesome weekend and was great to meet you Nic, looking forward to the year ahead and seeing you at the training lab….


  3. Andy McKenzie says:

    Nicola, lovely to meet you and looking forward to getting you down to The Lab for some more ‘testing’.


  4. Juliet says:

    I WANT TO MEET YOU TOO!!! We should have a skype date – for real.

    You know, I always drool over annas recipes and I’ve never made any of them 😦 I’ve tried to imitate a few but they never ever come out as well


  5. […] doesn’t miss cereal?” These oh-so-true words were uttered to me at B-Fit at the weekend, after I was asked what I miss most on a bodybuilding prep […]


  6. […] I saw whisk man, who was in fine form, and who amazed my friend so much with the whisk’s whiskability factor […]


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