Fitness kit I’ve tested this week: Village Bakery rye bread

Here we are with the latest in my Fitness kit I’ve reviewed this week series: some food and some supplements. I’ve split today’s post into two otherwise it would be too long. To bring you a truly thorough and comprehensive review of these products, I recruited not one but two freelance consultants: my husband (Head of Bread Consumption) and my sister (CEO, Protein Bars).

First up: Village Bakery Rye Bread (3 types)

Much hilarity broke forth on my Facebook wall when I posted that a courier had just delivered a huge box of bread. It’s not that I’d forgotten that I was being sent some Village Bakery bread to try, but I’d told the PR that I don’t really eat bread (particularly not when dieting for a bodybuilding comp) and he said he’d send me one slice. So I was on the lookout for… I dunno… a vacuum packed slice of bread in an envelope or something. Not a generous box of three lovely little loaves.

Village Bakery are an artisan bakery using organic ingredients to make award-winning products which cater for special diets. Hence the rye bread I was sent: it’s wheat-free (duh!) which could be handy for some people. There’s even a “Try Rye” challenge designed with the help of a nutritionist (find it on Facebook).

Now, in the interests of complete honesty: I don’t typically eat bread. I can eat it, I just choose not to. Since eating to get lean for bodybuilding, I’ve cut most grains out of my diet and now I find I can’t really eat them without feeling a bit bloaty. And then there’s the fact that I get less of a carbohydrate “allowance” than most people, and I’d rather “spend” it on vast heaping portions of veg and maybe a crispy jacket potato than a little slice of bread. That’s not to say that I have anything against bread: it’s just how I choose to do things.

So, in this case, I did try a slice of each of the breads, and then I asked my intrepid and carbohydrate-courageous husband to munch his way through the rest. This is a man who loves bread. Really, you have to understand the love he has for sandwiches and toast. I was therefore completely confident that he was the best choice of co-reviewer.

Village Bakery Organic Rye (Plain)
I said: lovely smell, dark and malty. I had it toasted with a smear of coconut oil (cos that’s how I roll). It’s dense and filling but much lighter than other rye bread I’ve tried in the past. It’s based on sourdough bread and you can definitely tell both in the smell and taste. Only three ingredients: rye flour, water, salt.
He said: it’s very rye-bready (me: *sigh*) OK, it tastes malty. I made a bacon and cheese sandwich out of it. I haven’t tried it toasted yet. I’ve had rye bread before and this is a really nice example of it.

Village Bakery Organic Rye (with seeds)
I said: my favourite. Lovely toasted, has the same malty taste of the plain rye but with a the great addition of the seeds throughout. I imagine it would be great with savoury toppings/fillings or with nut butter (don’t get me started…)
He said: I love the smell of this. The seeds are great, they give a nice crunch and you can taste them coming through the bread, too.

Village Bakery Organic Rye (with Coriander)
I said: ooh! Erm… taste sensation! This one is going to be an acquired taste. I love coriander, so I do like this, but I think this one will be a love it or hate it taste. That’s OK though, it’s good to have a bold flavour for those people who like it! You can taste the molasses and malt in this. Note that it’s coriander seeds, not the leaf.
He said: my favourite! But then I do like coriander. I really like this one. I’m not sure you could use this one for anything sweet but I tried it as a bacon and cheese sandwich (me: *!!*) and it was lovely used that way. Please write on the blog that I personally wouldn’t use these breads for sandwiches, just because the slices are too small. But I would definitely toast this bread, or use it for open-faced sandwiches, or stuff like cheese on toast.

Thank you, Village Bakery people, for sending us your lovely breads to try.

Village Bakery products are available in Waitrose, Tesco, Sainsburyโ€™s and Ocado. You can order online or, if you’re in the Melmerby (Cumbria) area, pop into the cafe and shop. I’ll save that treat for after my final comp of this year. In the meantime, if you do go, have a slice of date and walnut cake for me. (Yes, they do it. Yes, I checked.)

Fitness kit I’ve tested this week: Village Bakery Rye Bread is a post from The Fit Writer blog.

Nicola Joyce – the Fit Writer – is a freelance copywriter and journalist who writes for the sport and fitness industry. Her main website is here.

10 Responses to Fitness kit I’ve tested this week: Village Bakery rye bread

  1. I LOVE these breads The corriander one is lovely with honey. Also, if you cut them longways it’s easier to make a sandwich and you need to double toast them to get them really err…..toasty!



  2. […] eating consultants: my husband (Head of Bread Consumption) helped with this morning’s Village Bakery post and my sister (CEO, Protein Bars) kindly contributed her expertise to this […]


  3. Laughing my head off at the ‘he said…’ comments – you can tell who’s the writer out of you two!


    • thefitwriter says:

      Indeed! “He” is a biochemist and the closest he gets to writing is reports for his clients. Mind you, it’s all relative isn’t it: I’m not sure I could do any mass-spectrometry if my life depended on it ๐Ÿ˜‰


  4. So glad you posted this! I have been giving up wheat this week (going well so far) but I do miss bread, found this in Waitrose and it is very yummy indeed. I’ve seen other Rye Bread around but it always looks a bit like a plastic brown brick of ‘bread’


    • thefitwriter says:

      Enjoy! It is very different to your bog-standard puffy white or “bit of both” ๐Ÿ˜‰ bread but nicer for it. And, as I said, it’s by far the nicest rye bread I’ve ever tried, much lighter than most. Husband just finished off the seeded one in his lunch and I admit to being a bit jealous, it looked very nice.


  5. […] one day after he was merrily giving you his opinion on rye bread, my husband came off his bike on a busy town-centre […]


  6. arch says:

    I’ve never tried rye bread. I should do, especially as Booths stock a lot of Village Bakery stuff. Their orange and vanilla cake is very nice – I can’t remember why we were eating cake at First Aid club at school, but we did, and that’s what we had, it got the children’s seal of approval.


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