A cautionary tale (why runners and bikers should always carry emergency ID)

Just one day after he was merrily giving you his opinion on rye bread, my husband came off his bike on a busy town-centre roundabout.

He’s (relatively) OK and in one piece. We’re both shocked, he’s in huge amounts of pain, but the main thing is – of course – that he is still here to tell the tale. He has one dislocated shoulder and several torn ligaments, but things could have been so much worse.

So, today’s blog post is a short but serious one. If you run, or ride a road or mountain bike, whether it’s every day to and from work like my husband or whether it’s once in a blue moon, my question to you is:

Do you wear some kind of emergency ID?

Happily, my husband was still conscious and just about with it enough to remember our phone number. And the person in the car behind him, who stopped to help, was a qualified First Aider. And he was (ironically) just moments from his work building. What if all of this hadn’t have been the case?

Who would emergency services – or that good Samaritan – call, if you slipped or were knocked down whilst biking or running? How would they know who to call?

Please, get some kind of ID tag which carries emergency contact details and other important information. It’s easy. Just click here for Road ID, or here for Cram Alert. Make it your Friday Thing To Do.

Happily, sandwiches can be eaten one-handed, so I think my husband will survive this latest scrape. But next time he gets on that bike, he’ll be wearing emergency ID. I’ll insist on it.

A cautionary tale (why runners and bikers should always carry emergency ID) is a post from The Fit Writer blog.

Nicola Joyce – the Fit Writer – is a freelance copywriter and journalist who writes for the sport and fitness industry. Her main website is here.

15 Responses to A cautionary tale (why runners and bikers should always carry emergency ID)

  1. ZoeS says:

    This doesn’t just apply to runners or cyclists – anyone could be knocked down while crossing the road…
    I’ve got a tag on my key fob with my hubby’s name & phone number on there, and any key-cutting place worth their salt should be able to make one. It also doubles as a handy key-returning device when my daughter throws them out of my handbag (sigh).

    I hope he’s quickly on the mend!


  2. Fifi says:

    Horrible news šŸ˜¦ & great news šŸ™‚ if u know what i mean. I have ‘ice’ as a contact in my phone = InCaseofEmergency then people know who to call :-)xx


  3. Tara says:

    I’m glad he’s okay! I used to run long distances for years, and never had anything on me except my house key. So stupid. I’d run 6km from my house, and anything could have happened to me.

    PS. I do read all your posts but I have a hard time keeping up with comments! I think a meet-up would be awesome too once we’re settled in šŸ™‚ I’ve never had the opportunity before, because blogging is very new in Australia. Have you been to Soho Gym before? That’s the one I plan on heading to first.


    • thefitwriter says:

      Sounds great, just get in touch when you’re here and settled, or whenever you fancy meeting up, and we’ll sort it šŸ™‚ It’ll be fun! I used to live in that kind of area (years ago!) and might be able to help show you round a bit. I haven’t been to Soho but I know someone who trains there and knows the trainers – she’s competed in Figure and is very into “our kind of” training, diet, philosophy etc. I can put you in touch – just let me know.


  4. Richard says:

    thanks for reminding me that my CramAlert expires next week…now renewed. Ā£15 for a bit of peace of mind ain’t bad! x


  5. Donloree says:

    So scary!! I usually bike with a backpack that has ID in it and I always run with ID in my pocket, but nothing ON me. I hope he heals up fast!!


  6. Alex says:

    My favorite accessory while riding these days is a phone. Is it me or has road rage against cyclists increased lately? Not only is a phone a useful item when you need assistance, it is fantastic for capturing number plates of aggressive motorists.


    • thefitwriter says:

      Not so helpful if you’re knocked out or worse, though. And I’m not so sure about getting your phone out and fiddling about with it to take photos when you’re in a risky situation. Get road ID/Cram Alert!


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