A trip to my carb-dealer

En route to my BioSignature appointment today (more about that later), I swung by a seemingly innocent cul-de-sac in Berkshire. Close to the giant M&S store, flanked by other respectable-looking homes, and even housing a 3-year-old child, this house hides a dark secret. 😦

There, within those neat brick walls, an underground operation is going on. I really can’t name names, but… if you go to that house at the right time, on the right day, you can hand over cash and receive in return a plastic bag full of… well, I can hardly bear to say it. I’m not sure I can admit to it.

No, not that! Silly! I am a natural bodybuilder, after all!

CARBOHYDRATES. *hyperventilates*

Yes, one of my friends works for Mars (the Bar people) who also makes Uncle Ben’s quick-cook rice. She recently emailed me with exciting news: the staff shop was selling off packets of rice for some low-low price. So, she picked me up 18 (count ’em) packs and I swapped cold, hard cash for carbs.

What can it be?

Pimp my carb!

Erm, we have a situation here.

Do I have enough high-carb days left of prep to get through this little lot?

Thank you, nameless carbohydrate-peddling pal! 😉 The cuddle from your adorable little girl was a lovely added extra 🙂

A trip to my carb-dealer is a post from The Fit Writer blog.

Nicola Joyce – the Fit Writer – is a freelance copywriter and journalist who writes for the sport and fitness industry. Her main website is here.


3 Responses to A trip to my carb-dealer

  1. Emma C says:

    Teeheehee, awesome post!


  2. Donloree says:

    NICE! Yummers! I love getting deals, and on fabulous carbs…heaven!


  3. […] of seasonal chocolate being practically given away!”) I’m still making my way through all that Uncle Ben’s rice she got […]


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