The Conditioning Chronicles: Locker27

With 6 weeks to go until my first bodybuilding competition of the year, it’s time to step up the conditioning and get shredded! I’ve called in various favours and asked some people in the biz to blast me, beast me and generally put me through my paces.

First up: Locker27.

Remember when I had a session at Locker27 last year (I blogged about it here)? Locker27 is a fantastic facility in Weybridge, Surrey, which began life two years ago as an academy to coach kids in the technical side of sport, proper movement patterns and the basics of gym work. That’s still where owners Matt and Steve do a lot of their work, but now the Locker offers lots to the regular gym-goers, amateur sportsperson and general public, too: classes, PT, small group training and programmes.

I emailed Steve with the simple plea: “get me lean!”

This is how he rose to the challenge:

First up, warm up and mobilisation work including foam rolling (nobbly foam rollers – nice), hurdle work (for hip mobility), various “crawls” (for shoulder strength, hip mobility, hamstring stretch and general warm up).

Then a bit of pad work/boxing with Alex. Now, I usually really dislike boxing training, I don’t feel I do it properly, I feel unco-ordinated and general like a bit of a dork. I loved the stuff I did with Alex! It was a revelation! Thanks, Alex.

After that, a core and activation circuit: band pulls, Russian twists, band walks and sledgehammer work (ay caramba, I’ll feel those in the morning!)

Then we were on to the first of the circuits Steve had devised: supersets of deadlifts and burpee/chins (which were actually burpee-press up-jump to a chin up, drop and repeat). Steve explained that this is a mini version of a session they do as a group class, and is typical of the kind of structure and content of all their hybrid conditioning sessions. Mixing upper body and lower body, concentrating on movement and the process/outcome – performance training.

10 x deadlifts (all at 50kgs) + 2 burpee/chins
8 x deadlifts + 4 burpee/chins
6 x deadlifts + 6 burpee/chins
4 x deadlifts + 8 burpee/chins
2 x deadlifts + 10 burpee/chins
I did that for time and took 05:55 – no idea if that’s good or bad.

After that, we did some work with the prowler, much to my delight! I’ve never had a go on one before and I couldn’t wait. I did:
– 1 length back pedalling (walking backwards)
– 1 length squat to pull
– 1 length “truck pull”
– 1 length pushing the thing
3 round of that, with 50kgs on the prowler

Then (!) for one more thing, I did two rounds of another superset: 150m on the SkiErg (er…. ow!) and pulling the prowler the length of the room via a rope (er…. ow!)

Then I sat down, tried to interview Steve and couldn’t actually write. Seriously, you should see my handwriting, it’s barely legible.

Verdict: beasted!

Thanks Steve and all at Locker27. If you’re in the Weybridge area then lucky you cos you get to go to Locker27 all the time. What’s that? You don’t? Well why not – go!

The Conditioning Chronicles: Locker27 is a post from The Fit Writer blog.

Nicola Joyce – the Fit Writer – is a freelance copywriter and journalist who writes for the sport and fitness industry. Her main website is here.

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