Random thoughts on show-eve-eve

Dum de dum.

The night-before the night-before a comp is weird. Kind of boring. But sort of exciting! Drags on f-o-r-e-v-e-r and then OMG it’s 9pm how did that happen?

In fact, it’s a bit like Christmas-Eve-Eve (don’t tell me we’re the only family to call it that?) Just like the 23rd December, the day before the day-before-a-comp:

– is boring
– but actually quite exciting
– makes you anxious to just get on with it (yes even the eating exciting treats aspect!) but can’t yet and if you do you’ll ruin the main day so you just need to get a grip and wait a bit longer
– starts off with you waking up and think “oh this day will go on forever”, then all of a sudden it’s 8pm and you haven’t wrapped presents/made canapes/shaved yourself all over and put a base coat of tan on*

(*delete as applicable)

So, an update on me. Well, I’m sitting here with my base coat of tan on – done by my good self. I never was much good at art or painting, and nothing’s changed. All I can say is, thank goodness this is a kind of “stain” base coat, which I’ll lightly shower off tomorrow. And thank goodness I have my sister, aka this year’s bodybuilding-comp support crew wunderkind, who stepped up to the plate without so much as a twitch of hesitation. She’s a master tanner, unflappable chauffeur and wonderful room-mate for hotel stays. Love you, sis!

Sunday is the NPA British Finals (click here for my report on last year’s Finals, where I placed 3rd in the Ladies Physique heavyweight (55kg+) category). How do I feel? Exhausted. Since my less-than-stellar performance at the UKDFBA British Open (5th out of 6! Reprazent!) two weeks ago, I have been dieting, cardioing and training myself harder than I thought possible. Normally, I’d have started my carb-up by now (Friday morning). Not this time. This time I’m taking it right up to the line, preferring to come in “a bit flat” than “a bit fat”. We know I pump up well, anyway. But this does mean that I’m still – still! – eating white fish (and that’s about it).

However, to keep the Christmas analogy going, only 48 more hours and I can delve into the box of Roses and plate of mince pies (so to speak).

It’s OK, really, I can do it. But man am I exhausted!

Those of you friends with me on Facebook will remember my update the other day where I said I cried three times that day. Yeah, that’s carb depletion for you! Once was when my dog ran off, rather than coming back to me, during our walk, and I had to walk oooooh about 3 minutes extra to retrieve him. I just could barely do it. And cried! The second was when I went for a sports massage and realised it was to be the last time I’d see my friend Diksha who does the massage. Yep, I cried! The third time is a bit personal and highly embarrassing but suffice to say I was walking through the centre of the town where I live… crying.

Oh dear! I have also had moments of fun and happiness – “carb-deplete euphoria” I call them – most notably whilst on the stepper at 6:40am. Why? Who knows.

To conclude this ramble of a post, I’ll just give you a top tip I learned by experience this week. Yes, it’s great to do your final cardio session. And, yes, it’s only polite to finally take your weighted vest home from the gym (where the gym manager has kindly allowed you to store it all year). After all… er… it possibly needs a wash. However, it’s not so great to unload the 10x1kg weights, put them at various locations about your person in your coat pockets, and then stagger home loaded down with 10kg extra plus your bag, all whilst severely depleted.

I almost cried… but not quite πŸ˜‰

As always, I’ll be tweeting from the comp on Sunday from thefitwriter Twitter, if there’s a connection. Otherwise, I’ll see you on the other side! Then we’ll get talking off-season, goals and 2013!

Random thoughts on show-eve-eve is a post from The Fit Writer blog.

Nicola Joyce – the Fit Writer – is a freelance copywriter and journalist who writes for the sport and fitness industry. Her main website is here.

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  1. One Fit Mama says:

    Good luck


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