Long time no blog, sorry about that! Moving house takes longer than you’d think what with all the unpacking and moving furniture about.

Yesterday I sacked off training in favour of a HIFR* session (*high-intensity furniture rearrangement) and I tell you what, it was a workout!

Here’s what I did:

deadlifts for reps (carrying boxes around)
pull session (dragging a bookcase backwards across the room)
push session, low reps (unsuccessfully trying to push a bureau across the room)
prowler session – squat-to-pull (pulling the damn bureau across the room)
bodyweight shoulders and calves, focusing on time under tension (hanging several sets of floor-length curtains)

Today, however, I did go and train.

A fantastic local gym here in Kent, Dynamix Leisure, has sponsored me for my next year of prep. 🙂 Much more on that in a later blog post (but, for now, please take a look at Dynamix Gym in Folkestone’s website, and also Dynamix Sports Nutrition’s website and if you’re on Facebook give them both a like – Dynamix Gym on Facebook and Dynamix Sports Nutrition on Facebook).

I didn’t train by myself today… I took my sister! As some of you know, my recent house move has brought me much closer to various members of family, and my sister is now just a matter of minutes away. So I picked her up my way to the gym, lent her my Converse and taught her how to squat.

And deadlift (with the trap bar no less!)

And row, bench, pull and press. We kept everything light (she’s never trained with weights before) and concentrated on good form and trying to connect the mind with the muscles we’re training.

In return, apparently I have to go to a Zumba class?! As my friend Rob (who teaches Zumba) would tell you, I absolutely can not do Zumba. I went to one of his classes once. I say I went, because that’s about all I managed!

It was so great to go to the gym with my sis! And a real eye-opener to be on the other side of the coaching relationship. Big high-five to my sister who worked very hard, listened to all my “coaching” cues, but was sensible enough to tell me when something just wasn’t working for her (front squats). I hope you’re not too sore and stiff sis! Here’s to our next training session together 😀

Have you ever been in the position of teaching someone something which is brand new to them and outside their comfort zone?

Back soon with one of many draft blog posts I need to finish up… hope you had a good weekend.

Sistamatic is a post from The Fit Writer blog.

Nicola Joyce – the Fit Writer – is a freelance copywriter and journalist who writes for the sport and fitness industry. Her main website is here.

2 Responses to Sistamatic

  1. Just Jj says:

    Aw Nic, that’s lovely. You seem to be as close to your sis as I am to mine. I wonder… ;o)


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