Fitness Christmas gift swap


Today’s blog post is all about a wonderful Christmas gift thefitdog and I received all the way from sunny Florida (because I’m certain it is always boiling hot and blissfully sunny there, right?)

I took part in one big international gift-swap between members of a friendly Facebook group dedicated to women who like to train with weights. Many of us are female bodybuilders or Figure competitors and some are ladies who just like to lift. The group is absolutely huge now (big thanks to Jenny for setting it up and maintaining it so beautifully) and this was the first year some of us did a gift swap.


I was paired up with a lady called Kesha, who’s in Orlando. Our parcels took a bit longer than most to get to their destinations but it was worth the wait! Kesha sent me the most wonderful, generous and thoughtful collection of items! She either did some very good detective work around my blog (…and FB page. And Twitter. And Pinterest…. And, er, Instagram… #overshare #addictedtosocialmedia #noneedtohashtaginablogpostNicola) or we were simply very well suited as gift-buddies. 🙂

Here’s what she sent…


A t-shirt dress from her home gym in Orlando, Vixen (how cool!)


And two pairs of cute knee-length socks (Kesha, I’m a sock fan too, like you!) One pair has already been duly rocked at the gym (the stripey ones).


This amazing shopping bag from Whole Foods (my love of veg – particularly Brussels sprouts – is now reaching legendary proportions… ) I don’t think we can get these bags at the WF here in the UK and I love that I’ll have a “limited edition” 😉


Some little sampler sachets of supergreens and PB2 – honestly, Kesha you couldn’t have chosen better!


A coffee-mug sleeve made by CTC International, an organisation which promotes sustainable change amongst women in Kenya (a charity close to Kesha’s heart and definitely one which strikes a chord with me too). Kesha knows I love my coffee!


Mrs Dash! I love these salt-free seasonings and always ask friends in America to send them to me! And some spicy dark drinking chocolate which looks amazing (I only really like very dark, bitter chocolate).


And last but not least, some gorgeous spa cosmetics which are amazing (the only problem is that I think I am now addicted to one of them… Kesha, I may need to set up a monthly paypal to you so you can keep me in supplies!)


And of course Frankie thefitdog was not forgotten: Kesha’s own pup, Scooter, kindly sent a couple of squeaky balls which have gone down a storm!



Kesha, thank you so much for the thoughtful gift, it really made my day! Happy New Year xx

Fitness Christmas gift swap is a post from The Fit Writer blog.

Nicola Joyce – the Fit Writer – is a freelance copywriter and journalist who writes for the sport and fitness industry. Her main website is here.

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