New moon, new beginnings

Lovely little new moon out there tonight; have you seen it? (This intro does not apply to anyone reading this from the Southern hemisphere).

It prompted me to tell you about the new start I made this week: with a new coach!

I’m very happy to have been taken under the lean and muscular wing of Vicky Bradley, a Personal Trainer and prep coach based not too far from me here in Kent.

I’ve know of Vicky for ages (she’s a BNBF Figure competitor, and actually won her Pro Card with them in 2010) and is very active on Twitter and Facebook. We started chatting a few months ago and then, when I realised that I was in the right place to start working with someone again, I approached her and asked her if she’d take me on.

A long phone call later, and I felt sure Vicky was the right coach for me at this time. She’s been there, done that, and gone through most if not all of the issues! She knows what it’s like to diet, prep, train and navigate off-season as a natural female competitor. And she came very highly recommended (not just for training and diet, but for “getting it”.)

So I went to see her last week, we had a nice long consult, she took my stats (and photos… in a competition bikini… !) and we chatted about everything I wanted to achieve.

So, I’m now working with Vicky in the long-term. We’ve got two distinct goals: firstly, to get me into a good, healthy, sustainable diet/nutrition routine which gives my body everything it needs to build and retain muscle whilst slowly dropping fat. Perhaps as importantly, Vicky’s diet plan challenges me to eat in a more structured way. Previously, I’d eat very well for a few days, then end up undereating either because I was busy, or preoccupied, or thinking I was eating enough (when I wasn’t) and then inevitably a few days later I’d find myself overeating. It was all very unstructured – which is fine, if you’re in tune with your hunger cues. And I’m not at the moment, and we need to train my body back into being in tune with itself.

And secondly, to prep me for stage later in the year! 😀 (More on that later but let’s just say – you ain’t seen nothing yet!)

So my diet for the next few weeks is small, regular meals, not leaving me long enough between meals to feel like I’m missing out, and reintroducing stuff I’ve previously been avoiding (“I can’t have peanut butter in the house!”) because I assume I’ll just eat it all in one go. I get to eat it every day now (just not very much of it), so I can chill out! 😉

Vicky’s also doing my training, and she’s challenged me there, too (<— sign of a good coach if you ask me). No cardio. Less volume. Lower reps. One less day in the weights room (to be replaced by postural work, which is badly needed). Vicky agrees wholeheartedly with my physique goals and thinks that what I want to achieve is perfectly doable, but she’s also identified key areas in which I’m weak, lacking or am just simply not connected.

We're approaching this year in three stages. First of all, a "lifestyle" diet, getting me into good habits and dropping some fat, and a consistent approach to training, using lots of compound lifts and lower rep ranges. After that will come prep, bringing me down from what will (hopefully by then) be not a million miles from stage weight and condition anyway. And after that? Yes, Vicky is already thinking about how she can help me with my next off-season.

Ah… it all feels very positive, calm and exciting!

Here’s to 2013. What plans have you got for fitness, training or competing?

New moon, new beginnings is a post from The Fit Writer blog.

Nicola Joyce – the Fit Writer – is a freelance copywriter and journalist who writes for the sport and fitness industry. Her main website is here.


3 Responses to New moon, new beginnings

  1. Karen/karryann says:

    Excellent choice in trainer, you couldn’t have made a better choice 😀
    Best wishes for 2013


  2. Donloree says:

    So exciting! 🙂 I am staying tuned!!!


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