Introducing the Women’s Sport Trust

Thanks to my friends at Promote PR for bring to my attention the imminent launch of the Women’s Sport Trust: a movement enabling ordinary sports-lovers like you and me to support women in sport.

Did you know:

– 43% of teenage girls do not think they have enough role models? Female athletes are positive role models.
– Women and girls involved in athletics feel better about themselves, both physically and socially. Playing sport builds women’s self-confidence.
– 61% of sports fans want to see more high quality women’s sport on television. Yet women in sport get only 0.5% of the sponsorship funds.
– Research shows that female athletes are more likely to be academically successful, and miss fewer days of work. Sport helps women excel.

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From the Women’s Sport Trust‘s homepage:

We are a grass-roots movement of ordinary people supporting women in sport.

We provide scholarships/grants to aspiring sportswomen, fund research and public awareness campaigns, and support anything else that will enable the progression of women’s sport in the UK.

Women’s Sport Trust aims to encourage greater engagement with women’s sport through participation, spectatorship and media coverage whilst creating a platform for a diverse range of role models to emerge in women’s sport in the UK.

All grants are dependent upon the generous support of individuals – ordinary people joining together to make a difference to women’s lives.

Supported by athletes including runner Liz Yelling, rugby player Catherine Spencer and rower Anna Watkins MBE, and a range of industry and sport leaders, sponsors and partners, the Trust has an annual grants scheme as well as a small Quick Reaction Fund. These are available to support anything to do with women’s sport, from kit for a club, to childcare provision, venue hire, coaching, travel expenses to get to training or competition or court resurfacing. You can apply here.

One of the most compelling movements the Trust is championing is “Show Up”. If we want to see more women’s sport on TV, in the newspapers and online, then we need to make it clear that we want to see it. So, support it! The Trust’s “Show Up” page will, as time goes on, list a series of events that we can show up at in order to demonstrate our appetite for women’s sport.

The Women’s Sport Trust is on Twitter – @womensporttrust – why not follow them?

The Women’s Sport Trust is launching in May. Keep an eye on the news page and give the Trust your support!

Introducing the Women’s Sport Trust is a post from The Fit Writer blog.

Nicola Joyce – the Fit Writer – is a freelance copywriter and journalist who writes for the sport and fitness industry. Her main website is here.

3 Responses to Introducing the Women’s Sport Trust

  1. Donloree says:

    Awesome! Followed and looking forward to the launch. 🙂


  2. […] close links with the Women’s Sport Trust charity (which I fully support, and have blogged about here). The Women’s Sport Trust is a grass roots movement whose aim is to raise the visibility and […]


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