TheFitDog’s review of his Woof Coat

*This is a blog post from Frankie the office dog*


Hi guys! I know Nic often does kit reviews on the blog so I thought it was about time I did one of my own.

A few weeks ago, Nic was in a coffee shop (I know – massive shocker!) and she saw a dog wearing a really nice coat. She asked the dog’s owner where the coat was from and the lady said “I made it, I have a little business called Woof Coats.” Nic was so impressed at Willow’s lovely coat that she asked the lady if she would make me a coat, too.

Nic had to give the lady lots of info via email including various measurements (being measured with a tape is very fun – my top tip is to wriggle around loads!) and any choice of colour/material. I told Nic my favourite colour is YELLOW which is the colour of bouncy balls 😀 but Nic said she thought red might be nicer for a coat. The coat lady used to be work as a fashion designer and textiles person in London, so Nic thought it best to leave the choice of design and material up to her.

Well! I got my coat today and I have to say it is just about the best thing ever!

We went out and about for a photoshoot and I felt like the bee’s knees! (In fact, Woof Coats strapline is “our dog coats are the cat’s pyjamas”, which I thought was really offensive til Nic explained that it means they are the best).


I posed in front of the Racecourse, and the entrance to the Castle, because truly in my Harris tweed coat I feel like a posh dog who lives in a stately home or something.


Then we went to the beach, because I am not a posh dog who lives in a stately home, I am just a Staffy cross who lives near the sea. I worked on my model looks – one I like to call “whimsical horizons” (middle left) and one I like to call “steely glare” (bottom left) –

I posed on the beach. And I posed on the rocks, in case anyone ever needs a dog to do modelling in an outdoors-wear catalogue.

About 10 different people asked Nic where my coat was from and she told them Woof Coats in Sandgate! One man said he preferred my coat to his own coat, and another man said “well Frank you are a male model now mate!”

All in all I have to say that I love my coat. Nic says I should give a proper review so here are a few points to note:

Why I love my Woof Coat
, by Frankie (aged 4)

– Harris tweed with a decorative patch made of contrasting fabric
– made to measure and a one-off design
– lined in cosy corduroy
– very smart button with a stretchy loop
– easy to wag my tail whilst wearing it
– easy to run in (I checked this)
– easy to wee and poo in (I also checked this)
– very well made
– not restrictive in any way
– not embarrassing to wear like some coats you see on other dogs
– only £30! (Nic says she can’t quite believe this and that the lady should put her prices up)
– designed and handmade by a proper clothes designer who used to design clothes for humans


You can check out Woof Coats online (I might be featured on the website, how exciting!) and they are also on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks Woof Coats for my great coat!
I really love it a lot! Frankie xx

TheFitDog’s review of his Woof Coat is a post from the Fit Writer blog.

Nicola Joyce – the Fit Writer – is a freelance copywriter and journalist who writes for the sport and fitness industry. Her main website is here.

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