Giveaway! These are a few of my favourite things: the hairband edition

People will often ask me where I get my supplements, food, workout gear etc from. I have a few discount codes for some of my favourite companies, and am generously supported in one way or another by some others. Then there are the companies, brands and products which I just straight-up love, without discount codes or freebies! I thought I’d start a blog series telling you about these “favourite things” – and extending the discount code to you where one exists. All these “favourite things” posts are on one page.

Ladies (or metrosexual males!), I’ve got a giveaway for you today. Let’s brighten up this dreary drizzly day.

I rarely venture to the gym without some kind of headwear. It just doesn’t feel proper. A beanie hat, a peaked cap or, if I’m feeling particularly snazzy, a sparkly hairband.

My absolute favourite place to get my sparkly hairbands from is Razzy Roo. I don’t care that they’re in the USA. I love their hairbands and have loads of them. I’ve bought them for friends, for Secret Santa gifts and even for my sister (you know something’s good if it makes it onto the list of “Stuff I Give My Sister”.)


I sent one to my “Fitness” Secret Santa at Christmas, and she says, “I love mine thanks to you! So pretty!” Here she is having just completed “Hot Pursuit” – an obstacle course race – hair perfectly in place!


Take a look at the Razzy Roo website. They do thin, medium and thick sparkly glitter bands (my favourite!) and a range of patterned ones. I love wearing two of the thinnest sparkly ones together.


I love these hairbands not just because there are so many colours and patterns to choose from, but because they’re so well made. They’re elasticated (and none of them have lost their elasticity despite a lot of use), and the inside of the band is a lovely velvety material so it won’t snag or rough up your hair. And they keep your hair in place really well.

I always have at least one Razzy Roo hairband in my gymbag or handbag, and I’d love you to have one too.


The lovely ladies at Razzy Roo have agreed to give one blog reader a free band (of your choice) and they’ll ship anywhere in the world (although they do point out that international shipping takes a little longer than within the USA).

To enter, follow razzy roo on Twitter or like razzy roo on Facebook, then leave a comment on this post letting me know you’ve done so. If you’re on Twitter, tweet a link to this giveaway and put something like “I’ve just entered @thefitwriter blog giveaway to win a @razzyroobands hairband”

That’s it! I’ll pick a winner at random on Monday 11th March at 9pm.

20% discount

Everyone else can make use of an exclusive 20% discount on website prices – the code to use at checkout is THEFITWRITER. It will expire on 1st April 2013.

You can find razzy roo on Twitter and razzy roo on Facebook as well as their own website.

These are a few of my favourite things: the hairband edition is a post from The Fit Writer blog.

Nicola Joyce – the Fit Writer – is a freelance copywriter and journalist who writes for the sport and fitness industry. Her main website is here.

17 Responses to Giveaway! These are a few of my favourite things: the hairband edition

  1. tony barber says:

    My girls gonna love one of these


  2. Afternoon, followed on Twitter and just tweeted as requested. Love sparkly things πŸ™‚


  3. tracyg777 says:

    I love these fabulous velvet backed sparkly wonders too! I’m sharing your blog with my running group on Facebook! Hope you are flooded with tons of entries!


  4. Trish Hurst says:

    Have liked on FB. I have been looking for headbands for gym and couldn’t find any I liked. Love these! X


  5. Kesha Harris says:

    Thanks Nicola! I really do love my headband and get compliments at every race! It gives me super powers!! : )


    • Nicola Joyce says:

      Ahhh you don’t need extra superpowers! But it makes you look sparkly whilst you’re being superwoman πŸ˜€ XX Share the discount code with your friends if you want


  6. Caren Leon says:

    I like RazzyRoo on fb. I just ordered my first headbands this week, so have yet to experience them.


  7. Helen Milton says:

    I’ve just sent my tweet xx Thank you Nicola


  8. Fiona says:

    Ooo! I love my head bands too! Followed on FB *rushes off to check out website!* πŸ™‚ xx


  9. […] Just a quick one to announce the winner of the Razzy Roo hairband giveaway […]


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