Biosignature assessment at 4 weeks out

I had a biosignature re-test today (if you’re interested in reading more about biosignature testing, or seeing the results of all of mine, I’ve put all the relevant posts together here: biosignature test blog posts).

I had my first biosig of this prep four weeks ago exactly and went back to see Kent biosig practitioner Aimee Stevens today for a retest.

2013 prep biosigs

Here’s the screenshot with both tests on (click to enlarge). Ignore the weight (which is the weight of me, my bottle of water and my meals) and, to an extent, ignore the bodyfat % (I say that partly because every method differs, and also because the % takes bodyweight into account). What I’m always most interested in, and like to compare each time, is the skinfold measurements themselves.

Here are the readings –
8 weeks out vs 4 weeks out
Chin: 5.6mm/3.8mm (-1.8mm)
Cheek (face… !): 8.4mm/7.6mm (-0.8mm)
Pec: 1.8mm/1.8mm (no change)
Triceps: 14.4mm/11.4mm (-3mm)
Sub scap: 6.8mm/6.0mm (-0.8mm)
Mid aux: 3.3mm/2.8mm (-0.5mm)
Suprailic: 6.4mm/4.6mm (-1.8mm)
Umbilical: 8.4mm/7.0mm (-1.4mm)
Knee: 6.6mm/6.6mm (no change – hmmm!)
Calf: 13.0mm/10.6mm (-2.4mm)
Quadricep: 21.2mm/17.0mm (-4.2mm – yippee!)
Hamstring: 17.6mm/13.2mm (-4.4mm – also yippee!)

If my end-of-the-week maths serves me right, that’s a total of 21.1mm off – with the biggest changes being in 1) hamstring 2) quad and 3) calf. Looks like it’s been all about the legs this past month!

What I liked about today’s retest is that (most of!) the areas which were a bit too high for my liking last time have come down (legs in particular). And now everything is a bit more in line and even – with the exception of that knee reading!

All the number-crunching gave me a reading of 9.7% bodyfat today (-2.7% from 4 weeks ago) which I’m very pleased with. Whether or not we think it’s a true 9.7%, it doesn’t matter – I use it as a measurement and a set of numbers to compare against each other each time. Given that I was (by biosig testing/measurement methods) 6.7% in 2011 around the time of my qualifier competition, and then 4.1% for the BNBF British Finals, I feel in a good place given that I have four weeks left until my qualifier this year.

As long as everything’s moving in the right direction, I’m happy.

I’ll be heading back for another test in a few weeks – by which time I hope to have leaner knees 😉 (and leaner everything else for that matter).

So, here we are with 4 weeks (on Sunday) to go til my qualifier! I’m having a long catch-up with coach Vicky next week, to discuss training and diet changes for the next few weeks. Exciting! 😀

Have you ever had a biosignature assessment?

You can get in touch with Aimee, who did my biosig, at her website – Tunbridge Wells Kent Personal Trainer or connect with Aimee on Facebook or Twitter.

Biosignature assessment at 4 weeks out is a post from The Fit Writer blog.

Nicola Joyce – the Fit Writer – is a freelance copywriter and journalist who writes for the sport and fitness industry. Her main website is here.


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