Fitness kit I’ve tested this week: USA Pro 2013 fitness collection

A quick kit review for you today. USA Pro sent me a couple of pieces from their 2013 range of gym and workout wear (I reviewed some of their 2012 range in this kit review blog post).

USA Pro’s collection for 2013 is once again fronted by brand ambassador Kirsty Gallacher. The designers have combined technical fabrics with lovely and some clever finishes, ending up with a range of clothing which is flattering, practical and performs really well.

The range includes full length leggings, a panel crop top, dee neck t-shirt and a zip jacket. There’s something for you here whether you run, train in tha gym or like wearing nice workout gear around the house (… I’m totally not one to judge… )

I tested the USA Pro Racer Vest and USA Pro Tight Pants. Here are some not-very-good photos of me in them (sorry, USA Pro people!) The leggings are actually purple, not blue (they also come in black with pink trim).



Here are some much better photos of the items themselves.



I really loved the top, which was a great fit, supportive (with an inbuilt bra bit), and allowed for totally flexibility around the shoulders and upper back thanks to the cross-over straps. Great for gym work and I imagine good for yoga or Pilates classes too since it’s unrestrictive, light and there are no fastenings on the back to dig in if you’re lying on the floor.

The leggings were good, too, but just a bit too long for my pins. I had to roll the cuffs up a couple of times. Evidently Ms Gallacher has longer legs than I do (who’d have guessed πŸ˜‰ )

The USA Pro Racer Vest retails for Β£12.99 and the USA Pro Tight Pants retail for Β£14.99. You can buy them and the rest of the USA Pro 2013 Fitness collection at USA Pro online.

Thank you, USA Pro people!
Fitness kit I’ve tested this week: USA Pro 2013 fitness collection is a post from The Fit Writer blog.

Nicola Joyce – the Fit Writer – is a freelance copywriter and journalist who writes for the sport and fitness industry. Her main website is here.

3 Responses to Fitness kit I’ve tested this week: USA Pro 2013 fitness collection

  1. Oh that vest needs to come and live in my kit bag – I’d like to not have bra catches digging in my back when I’m lying on the floor. Last vest I wore to the gym was a freebie from my mum’s Avon catalogue. Supposedly a size 16. I’d say more like a 6, and that’s being generous. Also bright pink, and smelt funny when I got hot. Not my finest moment.


    • Nicola Joyce says:

      It’s really nice K, I tested one of their vest/tops last year too and that was great as well. If you buy via sportsdirect they’re really pretty reasonably priced. x


  2. Your body look really amazing πŸ™‚


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