Support Fight for Peace and LUTA sportswear

I wanted to tell you about LUTA sportswear – although it’s not just the kit I want to talk about (which is why I’m not doing this as a “fitness kit I’ve tested…” post).


You see, LUTA sportswear is more than sportswear: it’s an ethical organisation which supports vulnerable young people by drawing on the strengths of sport.

LUTA gives 50% of its profits to a non-profit organisation called “Fight for Peace”. Fight for Peace uses the practical tools of boxing and martial arts skills, with personal development and education, to help young people affected by crime and violence all over the world.


The people at LUTA sent me several (hand-written!) stories about how they put their profits to good use: kids using capoeira in Rio de Janeiro and boxing (led by Wladimir Klitschko) in London to build confidence and skills, engaging local communities of kids, celebrating as older kids graduate from the Academy’s Pathways programme (the equivalent of high school studies).

Fight for Peace works directly with over 2,500 young people a year at its academies in Rio and London and has so far supported 27 different organisations in 20 countries via its Global Alumni programme, a global community of organisations who share in our mission. Over the next three years Fight for Peace will train and support 120 organisations across the world helping a total of 70,000 young people.

LUTA sportswear was created to support Fight for Peace and the young people it helps.

LUTA is the world’s first ethical sports brand, giving half its profits to a non profit.

But what about our side of the deal? What does LUTA actually sell? You can take a look at the range of sportswear here at LUTA Sportswear’s webshop – it’s mostly boxing and martial arts stuff but there are tops, t-shirt and trackies too which would suit anyone who ever trains in a gym. They kindly sent me a this MMA-style rash guard/base layer which I’m wearing (and taking an awkward gym-selfie in) here.


It’s a really good quality top and definitely one I’d buy regardless of the ethical stance of the company. It feels as if it will last for ages and it’s very well made.

Do consider supporting LUTA and the good work they’re doing. At the very least please follow LUTA on Twitter and like LUTA on Facebook.

Support Fight for Peace and LUTA sportswear is a post from The Fit Writer blog.

Nicola Joyce – the Fit Writer – is a freelance copywriter and journalist who writes for the sport and fitness industry. Her main website is here.

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