Biosignature assessment at 2 weeks out

I’ve been having biosignature body fat caliper tests throughout this prep (as I have in previous years) – I had one at about 8 weeks out, one at about 4 weeks out and one today (just under two weeks out – eek!)

As mentioned previously, what I’m always most interested in when it comes to these tests, and like to compare each time, is the skinfold measurements themselves.

Here are the readings from today –
8 weeks out vs 4 weeks out vs 2 weeks out!

Chin: 5.6mm/3.8mm/3.6mm (-0.2mm since last time, -2mm total (so far!))
Cheek (face… !): 8.4mm/7.6mm/7.4mm (-0.2mm since last time, -4mm total)
Pec: 1.8mm/1.8mm/1.8mm (no change)
Triceps: 14.4mm/11.4mm/12.2mm (up 0.8mm since last time (hm!), -2.2mm total)
Sub scap: 6.8mm/6.0mm/5.8mm (-0.2mm since last time, -1mm total)
Mid aux: 3.3mm/2.8mm/2.6mm (-0.2mm since last time, -0.7mm total)
Suprailic: 6.4mm/4.6mm/4.4mm (-0.2mm since last time, -2mm total)
Umbilical: 8.4mm/7.0mm/5.8mm (-1.2mm since last time, -2.6mm total)
Knee: 6.6mm/6.6mm/5.6mm (-1mm since last time, -1mm total)
Calf: 13.0mm/10.6mm/9.6mm (-1mm since last time, -3.4mm total)
Quadricep: 21.2mm/17.0mm/15.4mm (-1.6mm since last time, -5.8mm total)
Hamstring: 17.6mm/13.2mm/10.8mm (-2.4mm since last time, -6.8mm total)

(Really hope my mental arithmetic is correct – it’s 9pm on a hot evening on my lowest carb day of the week with 13 days to go til comp. HELP ME WHERE IS MY ABACUS! 😉 )

I’m really pleased with the quad and hamstring (leg) readings – my legs were lagging behind and, although I could see with my own eyes that they’d started to come in well over the last two weeks, it’s good to have it clarified in numbers. I’m not sure why I now have a fat tricep! All I can do is press on, keep doing what I’m doing, and trust that it will come down eventually.

Biosig experts, if you have any thoughts, comments or suggestions on my tricksy triceps, let me know!

So, that’s a total of another 7.4mm off in these past two weeks, to add to the 21.1mm off between the previous two tests.

I’m pleased!

Running all the skinfolds through the Poliquin software today gave me a reading of 8.9% bodyfat today (-0.8% from 2 weeks ago and 3.5% from 8-ish weeks ago) which I’m pleased with for this stage in prep (don’t forget that I plan to have a good long season of comps – this first competition in two weeks is not the only goal). Putting the same skinfolds through the 7-site Jackson/Pollock bodyfat calculation brings me out at 12.08% which I’m also happy with.

Regardless of the final number, I use these test results as one part of an ongoing set of markers to chart progress.

That’s me done for the night! Byeeee!

You can get in touch with Aimee, who did my biosig, at her website – Tunbridge Wells Kent Personal Trainer or connect with Aimee on Facebook or Twitter.

Biosignature assessment at 2 weeks out is a post from The Fit Writer blog.

Nicola Joyce – the Fit Writer – is a freelance copywriter and journalist who writes for the sport and fitness industry. Her main website is here.


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