Post-comp thoughts BNBF Centrals

If you were following along on thefitwriter Twitter yesterday you’ll know by now that I didn’t place, and obviously didn’t therefore get an invite to the BNBF Britain, which was my goal at yesterday’s BNBF Central qualifier.

(Some photos at the bottom of this post)

From the tweets, direct messages and emails I’ve got, I think people are assuming I’m upset at not qualifying or placing. I’m not. Here’s why:

Feedback from the judges is that the thing I need to improve on is condition (leanness). This can be done (and was in the plan to be done, and will continue to be done). The other things we’re judged on – symmetry and muscularity/size – are somewhat harder to correct or improve upon in a short space of time and whilst dieting! So, if I need to improve anything, I’m quite happy that it’s something which can be improved and which we were in the process of doing. Condition would have been improved anyway, had I qualified yesterday or not, because I have an eye on the Finals and there’s no way I am as lean now as I want to be for that. So – yep – better condition is in hand.

We (coach Vicky and I) achieved what we wanted to achieve with my physique for the 21st July 2013. It just wasn’t enough on the day and in the context of the line up. But both of us are completely happy with how my body (and mind!) have responded to training, diet and prep to this point. Everything’s been working (and we have a lot of cards left to play). Personally, I was delighted with how I looked yesterday, truly, and I only got better during the day.

It was a big class and a very strong one – “finals-worthy”, someone said – so, although of course I’d much rather have placed and qualified than not, I’m happy to have been up against such a strong line up and lacked what it took on the day against that calibre of competitor.

We had a great opportunity to trial what works and doesn’t for the run-in to a comp and on comp day. As it turned out, I think everything we did worked well, but it’s always useful to have the chance to look and see, get feedback, look at how I changed during the day between the pre-judge and nightshow, etc. It’s interesting for me and useful for my coach and can only help us for future shows.

I had a really nice day! Yes they’re long days and it was very hot yesterday but I had a really lovely time, shared the dressing room with a great bunch of women and generally had a good day. It’s got to be fun.

I didn’t let it rattle me. I ate my planned “post-comp” meals and treats and that’s it. Straight back on the diet today without any emotional back and forth or internal struggle. That’s significant to me and I’m proud of it. The only other time I’ve had to jump straight back onto prep diet the day after a show, I found it a really mental challenge. It’s not a front, either, I promise. I’m not keeping any inner-demons on a tight rein. I really am totally fine to just truck on, with yesterday as a refeed and a good long hot posing session and some great practice for everything to do with competition day.

Having said all that, don’t think I’m complacent, fine to stop here, or happy with not having placed. I’m just OK with it, and understand and accept the reason why, and – importantly – personally happy with how I looked yesterday for this stage in the wider plan of my 2013 prep.

I’m a Competitive Bodybuilder, and a competitive bodybuilder 😉 I don’t compete to “get up there”, or to make up numbers, or for the achievement of stepping on stage. It is an achievement, absolutely, but I compete to do well. So, whilst I am quite happy with some aspects of yesterday (my own improvements, the fact that we know what works for me and my body, that I was not found lacking in symmetry or size, how I handled my emotions and diet in the aftermath) there is still the competitive aspect. I didn’t qualify. I want to. And, if I’m going to achieve what I want to achieve this year, I need to.

So – onwards to another qualifier. The BNBF Midlands in Derby on 4th August. It’s the final qualifier of the season.

13 days!

Here are some pics – I don’t have the official ones yet – these are from a couple of friends who were in the audience.

^^^ I’m 3rd in from the right

^^^ I’m 3rd in from the right

^^^ I’m 3rd in from the right with my hair in a bun

^^^ 3rd in from the right

I’m in the middle of this pic

I’m on the right

That’s me

Post-comp thoughts BNBF Centrals is a post from The Fit Writer blog.

Nicola Joyce – the Fit Writer – is a freelance copywriter and journalist who writes for the sport and fitness industry. Her main website is here.


10 Responses to Post-comp thoughts BNBF Centrals

  1. Congratulations Nicola – it sounds like you have made great strides in the right direction and this experience will make it even sweeter when you do qualify x


  2. This is such an inspiring post! What a great attitude. Great pics too. Well done on everything you’ve achieved so far 🙂


  3. Trish says:

    Good luck for the next one babe. Unfortunately I won’t be here to see it x


  4. Elle Mac says:

    You were fab, upwards and onwards for you, great post xx


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