My current favourite fitness and nutrition podcasts

I was reminded today that it’s been ages since I’ve blogged about the fitness, nutrition and healthy-living podcasts I love. I’ve blogged about this before:
podcasts I was listening to in 2011 (many of which are no more)
my more recent podcast favourites.

Time for an update!

As you know by now, I do a lot of walking. Like, a lot. Hours and hours and hours a week. This is partly because it’s my cardio of choice, and partly (mostly) because I have a dog.

As well as plenty of audiobooks, I tear through plenty of podcasts on my twice-daily powerwalks. Here are my top three podcasts of the moment (I download them all via iTunes – you should be able to find any of them by searching the podcast name but if you struggle to find them, let me know, and I’ll code in the links)

I’ve only recently started listening to Imprüvism Radio podcasts, after Leigh Peele (and old favourite of mine – sadly she no longer has her own podcast) was a guest on the show, promoting her new ebook “Starve Mode” (which I can also recommend by the way, very interesting reading).

I’ve downloaded several more episodes and look forward to listening to them: the podcast is all about how to find the truth behind, and simplify your own approach to, health, wellness, productivity and modern life.

Phil Learney’s podcast
Phil Learney is a leading body recomposition, contest prep and performance coach who’s (hooray!) from and still in the UK. You might recall I went to one of his two-day seminars at the start of the year and blogged about what I learned.

I’ve been interested in pretty much everything Phil has to say for a couple of year now. He recently started his own podcast and, sure enough, it’s a great listen. Short (around 30 minutes), quick-fire and to the point. It’s just Phil, no guests (yet), but it works well – it gives the sense of a quick consult with the man himself, or a Q&A session over a cuppa. I can particularly recommend episode 6, which was a fascinating insight into how Phil approaches prepping clients for stage or photoshoots.

The Fat Burning Man Show, by Abel James
The Fat Burning Man is the podcast from content champ Abel James.

Abel (can I call you that?!) is a fat loss coach and health campaigner in the USA, and has a blog, ebooks and this podcast. Interestingly, he used to be an advisor to the food and drink industry. He’s now on the side of the consumer and a lot of his stuff is about delving into food marketing and the power of the food industry. His podcast is great, covering topics about health and obesity, healthy eating, fat loss, optimising our hormones, the way we eat, what we eat, where it comes from… and more. Abel is Paleo and, whilst I’m not, I do appreciate most of the reasonings behind a Paleo diet, and I find it interesting to listen to more on the topic. Abel has some great guests on the podcast and the show is always a worthwhile listen.

And “old favourites” (mentioned in previous blog posts) –

Muscle Girls Inc (bodybuilding competition coverage from the USA, focusing on the female athletes, with one athlete interview per show – great stuff) and The Fit Cast, (a very long-running fitness and nutrition podcast focusing on strength and conditioning as well as hot topics in training and nutrition – great presenters and fantastic guests).

Do you have any podcast recommendations for me?

My current favourite fitness and nutrition podcasts is a post from The Fit Writer blog.

Nicola Joyce – the Fit Writer – is a freelance copywriter and journalist who writes for the sport and fitness industry. Her main website is here.

5 Responses to My current favourite fitness and nutrition podcasts

  1. hififi says:

    Mmm, must look at Phil, I got o episode 3 but no more are showing/have downloaded ? 😦 LOVE him! 😀 no nonsense & a loverly northern accent! 😉
    I also love The Smarter Science of Slim, Jonathan’s co host carrie originally hails from the uk & their English/American banter pleases me much 🙂


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