BNBF Finals result (and what’s next?)


I’m back from the BNBF Finals where I competed in the first British line-up of the new BNBF/DFAC Athletic division.

Sadly I can’t give you the news I was hoping to bring back with me… I didn’t win, I didn’t even place. Sorry chaps. I placed 4th (of… um… 5!)

I’ll get the negative emotions out of the way first: I’m disappointed, sad and a little bit heartbroken. I fell in love with the Athletic class and felt at home in it. And (of course) I wanted to do well. With this being the first year it was on offer at a British Finals, the win took on extra significance – first ever British title holder! So, it’s a sad bye-bye to that dream.

Now onto the positives (because you know that’s how I roll): I really enjoyed the experience. I had a fantastic weekend and girls-only roadtrip with my Mum and friend, and plenty of others who came to support me on the day. I enjoyed every single moment of being on stage (well, until the moment they called 1st place and I realised I hadn’t even placed, haha – just being honest!)

On a personal note I am satisfied with everything: my condition, the changes I’d made since qualifier, my posing, my routine, my stage presence and (hopefully) the energy I brought to the stage and to the category. I wouldn’t change a thing (apart from my tan, which evidently is still a problem for me…)

Truly, the only thing I am sad or disappointed about at all is the result. Which is kind of a huge thing, but in some ways also just a small thing.

I feel we (coach Vicky and I) achieved everything we set out to achieve for me on a personal, physical and even mindset level way back in January when I first started with her. The only thing we haven’t achieved is the thing we can’t control: my placing on the day.

I’ve ordered the official photos and can’t wait to get them – Fivos the photographer is a fantastic bodybuilding show photographer and I’m excited to see his pics. I’ll share some when I get them. Until then, if you’re interested to see pics, scroll down to see some from a variety of sources including the BNBF’s iPad, and one of the show sponsors.

So for now, it’s goodbye Athletic class shenanigans and hello next goal:

What’s my next goal?

I’m doing the UKDFBA (United Kingdom Drug-Free Bodybuilding Association) competition in 11 days time. 🙂 I’ll be back in the Physique (aka bodybuilding) category (ie “no shoes”). I’m really looking forward to the show, which will include the WNBF Women’s Pro European Cup – a rare opportunity to watch a women’s Pro Show!

Stay tuned! (pics below the sign-off…)

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5 Responses to BNBF Finals result (and what’s next?)

  1. Tara says:

    Competing again so soon! You are an amazing woman 🙂

    As you said, you can’t control your competition. You can only hope that you brought your best ever package to the stage, which you did. You looked amazing!

    Did you enjoy wearing the heels? It must have been a challenge xx


    • Nicola Joyce says:

      Well it’s partly cos it’s the end of the season now so the show dates are set – there aren’t many drug-tested shows anyway. And to me it’s best to compete sooner rather than later when you’re in shape 🙂

      I hope I was in my best ever shape… I’d like to think so… it’s so hard to tell. I’m looking forward to seeing the photos so I can have a good look and comparison!

      The heels were tricky to master (I don’t often wear heels in real life!) but no denying they make the legs look good! 😉 xx


  2. hififi says:

    I don’t think it was just the heels, you’re legs look gorgeous!
    😀 xx


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